26 June 2015

Hold onto your britches

...because I have a draft blog post with real thoughts that I'm thinking about finishing, editing, adding photos to and publishing on Sunday maybe.

We'll see.

But for now, let me share with you my current life, based on photos I have taken since I shared my DVD collection in its entirety.

I took a picture of Nico laying on her bed.
I don't post or share photos of Nico as often as I take them. 

I'm trying to figure out my next mosaic.
I'm stumped.

Completely stumped.

On another note, this whole thing makes me mad. 

I'm in the data collection phase of making a mix CD.

I went to "the coast" last weekend.
In the Midwest we say "I saw the ocean!" 
but here it's just a coast. 

I rode my bike to work one day this week.

I had an awesome working lunch the same day I rode my bike to work.

I'm helping someone sort out their first mosaic.

My hair is having a Good Bun Day,

...on my dad's birthday.

Listening to: Pantera - Cowboys from Hell

13 June 2015

My DVD collection in its enirety*

*does not include exercise DVDs

Listening to: Face Candy - this is where we were (live album)

10 June 2015

Kristi made me dinner tonight

But I didn't take any pictures of her or the dinner. Instead, here's a photo of me and my brother from 72 hours ago.

Listening to: a box fan in the window next to my bed

08 June 2015

I have returned from my home planet: East Carondelet

In April 2014, I drove a meandering 2600 miles over eight days to relocate from Illinois to Oregon.

That transition from there to here was less dramatic than being transported 2000 miles to Illinois in ten hours, then reversing the process a week later and plopping myself back to Oregon.

Not to mention that it's quite disorienting for me to go 15 months without seeing my family. 

I snapped the above photos while my brother drove me past St Louis Union Station. I worked across the street from this building for 10 years and had regularly visited it for twice that long. Reflecting on that time, it felt more like a dream than a memory of something I actually lived and experienced.

This is the view of the St Louis skyline as seen from Illinois. I grew up about 10-12 miles from here. But when I lived in St Louis, I only got to enjoy that view on my return trip from visiting my parents; I didn't get to see that perspective when I was living in the city.

Now it's too far away to look at. 

Heck, that photo above was taken about two hours into my first flight and it's where the plains end (left) and the Rockies begin (right). I moved far away.

Perspective: changed.

Listening to: a box fan in the window. I don't have air conditioning, which is a must in the Midwest.

05 June 2015

Home is where my heart is

I'm coming to the end of my week at home with family. I certainly could have done a lot more while here, but it's been quite nice to hang out with my parents at night and sleep in most every day.

I especially want to give props to my Shawny Boo, who came down with Brooklynn and spent Sunday and Monday night in St Louis to hang out with me. Plus we went to Six Flags on Tuesday and that was a blast.

I also had a lot of fun at the races on Weds night.

And, man I forgot how awesome the Soulard Farmers Market is! It was established in 1779, so it's no wonder they know how to do it right.

My dad and I had a great time at Bingo on Wednesday. We used the machines for our first time and it was super rad.

I fly back on Sunday and it sure is going to be a lonely flight back to Eugene.

Listening to: Who was that lady?

29 May 2015

I like how when you're an adult you can leave perishables in the fridge

...to deal with in ten days when you come back.

Unrelated: Have I told you lately, how much I love my job?

25 May 2015

Now you know what my house looks like when I think nobody is coming over

Wednesday morning I woke up to a text message from Jessica, that she was traveling along the coast of Oregon and would be in Eugene that night. Two thousand miles is quite the distance to run into someone from home, but it seems to happen every few months. Needless to say, she was at my house before I got home from my work and so I had my neighbor let her and in. I didn't have time to clean up my C.H.A.O.S. But we managed to hang out anyway and it was an awesome surprise to stay up until all hours of the night and into the morning, catching up with her.
Listening to: White Fence - Beat

13 May 2015

I played doctor with my boss in front of 128 people

This is me with my boss, David. We presented a psychological study on his brother (Tom), who turned 60 a few days after I turned 37 (that happened).

So, what else have I been up to in the last six weeks? 

I grouted the mosaic above and I helped three kids make mosaics for their mom for Mother's Day.

Not pictured: one of the kids.

I found a new place to buy used books:

I drank this:
Fresh vegetable juice.

And this:

I spent the night at McMenamins Edgefield and my room had an historic stripper pole. 
I think it's offensive to say "stripper pole." The politically correct term suggested to me is "dancer's pole." Who cares? As long as the pole isn't load-bearing, let's get creative!

I took a bunch of photos of my coworkers for work and this is one of the outtakes.

Eugene is pretty awesome.


23 March 2015

Every. Time.

No paint job is complete without rubbing your head against a freshly painted wall.


20 March 2015

Don't mind if I do!


This is how I test a color, sporadically spread it around the room and live with the splashes for a week. I've been on the fence but am going paint it this color over the weekend.


12 March 2015

inetyNay DayWay antPlay-asedBay ietDay

Back in May of 2010 I had an idea which compelled me to start a second blog, Four Day Vegan, and you can follow that link to see what a blog looks like in its naked and virgin state.

See what I mean? Untouched. No posts.

I was surprised to learn that I've been contemplating the same idea since 2010: eat a plant-based diet for ninety days. (Subtitled: And document something every fourth day, because, I believe that I will spend 4-5 hours in the kitchen on Wednesdays and then again on either Saturday or Sunday depending on what sort of plans that might come up each weekend, and, that should leave me with about two minutes of kitchen time on each of the other five days a week.) 

The holdup? My undying love for and obsession with cheese has made me not want to not eat cheese for a whole three months. And I'm formally stating my cheese boycott now because I'm a pretty big deal on this blog this is a blog about whatever. 

Photo taken on Sunday afternoon.

Imagining myself adhere to such food restrictions felt daunting, but after some coaching from Dogfood, I now know how to make sunbutter. And I can chop up a bunch of vegetables, then mix them with kimchi. And lastly, I can throw a variety of things into this particular Ninja and then drink or eat whatever concoction I create.

In the last three days alone, I've consumed a bunch of purple kale, a red pepper, yellow pepper, red onion, half a bunch of green onions, half a bunch of cilantro, a pint of red/orange/yellow cherry tomatoes, raspberries, some soy yogurt, a 16oz jar of kimchi, at least a cup of sunflower seeds, a third or more of a jar of almond butter, some oatmeal, flax meal, hemp protein. Geez this blog post is dragging on forever. Bye.

Listening to: Crass - Poison in a Pretty Pill

09 March 2015

Finding a new way to Eff up

I thought I had messed up my morning coffee in every possible way, but then I discovered a new mistake.

So last night, I got everything all ready for the morning. I cleaned the coffee pot; I put in a new filter; I added the coffee and water; and then I jumped in the shower. 

And then I showered, shaved, moisturized, put on my PJs, turned on Columbo, then went into the kitchen and was greeted by a fresh cup of coffee.

D'oh! Without realizing it, I pressed the ON button. 



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