30 August 2007

General Disarray

…As in, both my house and this article.

I am on my fourth day of non-Corporate employment. How does it feel? Like I took a few days of PTO to run errands and get caught up on some stuff.

Enough about work, it seems that’s all I ever blog about. What about other things that are happening in my life? Mostly, James and I have been in a perpetual state of upstairs remodeling and we are finally coming into the homestretch. Just about 27 miles of trim to paint (figuratively), 45 panes of glass to frost with this stuff (literally), doorknob installment, wall-paint touch-ups, yadda, yadda, yadda, the end.

I always said I wanted to buy an old house and remodel it myself.
HGTV, well, they lie.

Our projects are rather extensive, so it’s not so easy. We aren't contractors or handymen, therefore we have no clue what we're doing and our house is in General Disarray.

I realize that technically it would be more effective to show a picture of my house in general disarray, but I thought it would be less embarrassing if I just showed a picture of the General himself (follow the above link to brush up on your Southpark, people).

22 August 2007

Am I really a paid writer?

Why, yes, yes I am!

I landed my first paying gig! Although it was a small, one-time job, I was compensated quite well. I’ve already collected my paycheck and everything!

The better news is that I landed a second job, an on-going assignment that will last for a year or longer. I’m totally stoked!

Anyone who knows me will testify that I am priceless, so deciding my worth was the hardest part. I’ve never had the opportunity to negotiate payment terms for a job and it was tough!

19 August 2007

Unstable Tape Recorder

Keeping up with a blog has so far proved to be a little more difficult than I expected, simply because I don’t have a lot of free time.

I’m in the last week of a full-time job that keeps me plenty busy; I am working to build a freelance career; we are in the midst of a remodeling project which includes my office; and then there are the chores of daily life, cooking, cleaning, laundry, yard work, watering plants, bathing, sleeping… plus the reasons we work hard, to relax, have fun, travel, visit family and friends.

Life is busy and hectic for everyone; everyone has many facets of their life and need to find their own way to manage it all to create balance. I am in the midst of a lot of life changes, so in a way I’m still going through my OJT (on the job training).

In any case, I will be able to focus on my new career in only five working days. And then I will have a new set of worry items.

So where does an Unstable Tape Recorder fit into this blog?
Nowhere, really.

It was the subject of some spam I received at work the other day, for penis enlargement pills.

13 August 2007

Which way do I go, George?

So I’ve decided to become a freelance researcher, writer, proofreader and editor, but really, where am I going with this?

I have a business plan and although it’s quite rough, it is a business plan – on paper no less. I am a firm believer that those who write their plans on paper achieve their goals. The dilemma is that I don’t have a specific direction. I need to have a niche, a focus that is driving me to dig deeper.

Come to think of it, I actually feel quite good that I don’t have a precise and detailed goal. If it were too specific, I would just be establishing trivial rules that in the end do nothing more than create an uncharted territory with petty boundaries that, for fear of the unknown I am afraid to cross.

It's good for me to try a wide variety of jobs that interest me. I need to meet as many people as I can, work with as many people as I can, on as many projects as I can. During this process I will discover my niche.

I want to make a positive difference, motivate others, travel, explore and meet new people.

I am a curious person, eager to learn about anything, everything and everyone. I have a wide variety of interests and am always looking to expand my range of knowledge. I love discovering little known facts and sharing my findings with others. I research and prepare complex responses to requests for information, simplifying complicated topics in an educational and interesting manner.

I want to do all of these things that make me happy, while further developing my communication skills – verbal and written – working on collaborative and individual projects, editing, proofreading, researching and writing.

With all of those great qualities I should have no problem finding work. Besides, the law of averages state that if I persevere, eventually I will be hired.

11 August 2007

Risk and Uncertainty

You can stand back and look before you jump, but you never know how deep the water is.

With ten working days to go, I am about to embark on an uncertain future. I have no idea when or where my next paycheck will come from and that is a very scary thing. I've always worked just to make money, but I'm not content; I want to enjoy the work I do.

Working in Corporate America has had its advantages. I have gained lots of valuable experience, built up my 401k, traveled and met a great deal of interesting people. But it is time to move on.

I can still do all of those things – and more – while feeling satisfied in my career.

Great reward is not without great risk and uncertainty.
My risk is a calculated one, yet it is still a gamble. I'm betting a lot on myself, on my potential, and for me it's the riskiest career move I've ever made.

Even scarier, I'm dragging my new husband into this. We've only been married for seven weeks. Three weeks after we were married I turned in my resignation. He's a very supportive person, though I know he has doubts and fears. I hesitate to use the word doubt, but what else causes negativity to infiltrate your mind?

Fear of the unknown.

It happens to us all, sometimes we can't help but be afraid of what might happen.

06 August 2007

In Local News…

I was working from home today, being rather productive I must say, when I looked out my window and noticed mass carnage.

An SUV was flipped on its side and there were ambulances, fire trucks and police everywhere. McCausland was blocked off from I-40 to Dale for about four hours. At one point, a
shirtless and bloody man was pulled from the wreckage and hauled off on a stretcher to an ambulance that hurriedly took off with its sirens blaring.

Too bad that’s where the story gets boring.

I spoke to a witness who said she saw the mom climb out of the driver's side window after the wreck. She was screaming, "My babies! My babies!"

I never saw any babies. Just the bloody man on a stretcher.

Then, the police took a few pictures. As did I.

A tow truck hauled off the SUV.

The fire department hosed glass off the street.

Everyone scurried away.


The excitement was over.

Never Say Never

Everyone is doing it, which is exactly why I should never blog. Plus, I’m not great at keeping a diary. And now I’m planning to blog about nothing in particular, just like everyone else.

So far, so good.


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