06 August 2007

Never Say Never

Everyone is doing it, which is exactly why I should never blog. Plus, I’m not great at keeping a diary. And now I’m planning to blog about nothing in particular, just like everyone else.

So far, so good.


  1. Welcome to the club. Blogging can be fun, thats why everyone is doing it.

  2. I am close to my (ahem) "blogaversary" also. Is it so insane that we share our guts online? I think we are crazy enough, and I would never have met you otherwise!


  3. J: super congrats for one, blogging a year; and two, remembering your blogoversary. I totally missed mine back in May. Maybe I'll remember the next one. . .

    Courtney: yes, we are insane.

  4. Belated Congrats!! What will I do if you suddenly decide to give this up? Sometimes, this is my way of 'stayin in touch'!

    P.S. Still would like a couple of MOO cards....



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