11 August 2007

Risk and Uncertainty

You can stand back and look before you jump, but you never know how deep the water is.

With ten working days to go, I am about to embark on an uncertain future. I have no idea when or where my next paycheck will come from and that is a very scary thing. I've always worked just to make money, but I'm not content; I want to enjoy the work I do.

Working in Corporate America has had its advantages. I have gained lots of valuable experience, built up my 401k, traveled and met a great deal of interesting people. But it is time to move on.

I can still do all of those things – and more – while feeling satisfied in my career.

Great reward is not without great risk and uncertainty.
My risk is a calculated one, yet it is still a gamble. I'm betting a lot on myself, on my potential, and for me it's the riskiest career move I've ever made.

Even scarier, I'm dragging my new husband into this. We've only been married for seven weeks. Three weeks after we were married I turned in my resignation. He's a very supportive person, though I know he has doubts and fears. I hesitate to use the word doubt, but what else causes negativity to infiltrate your mind?

Fear of the unknown.

It happens to us all, sometimes we can't help but be afraid of what might happen.

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