20 September 2007

Brain Drain Strikes Again

We’ve been so busy for the last week that I haven’t had any free time to write about what we’ve been doing. Now that I have a moment to myself, I have writer’s block.

Despite having brain farts all day, I managed to upload 15 photos of Tuesday’s canoe trip on the Current River.

The river is beautiful and serene.

Most of the brochure pictures show the river jam-packed with people, all having a great time. Personally I love to canoe during the week when the rivers are mostly void of human life, making it quiet and possible to observe lots of fish, snakes, turtles, deer, and a variety of birds and other animals.

During our 8-mile float we ran into people only twice: once we saw a group of guys having lunch on a gravel bar and further down the river we saw a guy fishing. That was it. The rest of the time we had the river to ourselves, a great reward for canoeing on a mid-September Tuesday.

The Current River has become my favorite canoe spot since James introduced me to both the river and canoeing. It started a couple months after we met when he took me to Baptist Camp for a Taco Bell lunch. We sat on the ground next to the river, watching a few kids catch crawdads.

It sounds corny, but immediately the river felt special.

My appreciation grew even more fond last summer, when we canoed from Baptist Camp to Two Rivers. Our journey was roughly five days and 51 miles of leisurely paddling, mixed in with a little bit of hiking and climbing to view caves and points of historical interest – camping at random spots along the way. What an awesome trip!

In any case, I’m rather tired and seem to be, well, too tired to focus and write great stuff. I think I’ll use the rest of the evening for mindless work. I really need to redo my blog links, so they open in a new tab or window. I knew I wanted that to happen, but for whatever dumb reason I neglected to make that happen. Instead, the link opens in the same window, thus replacing my blog. That’s not good. I have to fix that and lucky for me, my blog is still new so I don’t have that many links to worry about.

Duh, Jeannette.

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