14 September 2007

I Got Skillz

Last Saturday, James and I took the rough draft of our "We Got Lei'd" Hawaii video to show our friends, while they showed us their new (and way cool) house in St. Peters. It was fun to catch up and eat lots of food, they loved the video, we loved their house, blah, blah, blah. We had a blast.

The best part, Raphael introduced us to Guitar Hero. It's like, the coolest game ever. And I don't even care about games. Sure, I love to play Scrabble, Life or Yahtzee now and then, but I typically roll my eyes to that xBox-Wii-Nintendo stuff.

Guitar Hero is different. It's been days and I can't stop thinking about it.

I'm obsessed.

I can't actually play lead guitar, or bass. But I can play a giant game controller in the shape of a guitar. With my left hand, I can use my pointer, middle or ring finger to press green, red or yellow buttons, respectively. (Now this is where it gets complicated...) At the same time, with my right hand I can "strum" the guitar strings, or push a button. I made sure to flex my whammy bar skillz, too. Oh yeah!

I rocked out to Toadies. Man, I owned it. On medium difficulty. Even Erica, who could care less about the stupid game, was cheering me on. Dude, I got skillz.

Free Bird was a different story, I was booed off the stage when the solo came on. Deceased fans everywhere were turning in their graves.

Fast forward five days...

I took James shopping today, multiple stores, to find the guitar, game, and whatever gaming system it takes so I can become a Guitar Hero. Everyone who knows me, knows I hate shopping. Technically I'm a tightwad caught in a catch-22; I love to shop, but I hate to spend money. We did not buy the game, but that doesn't mean it won't happen. I'm desperate. I'm saying yes to things that, under normal circumstances, I say no to.

...Because I want to pretend to play guitar in my spare time.

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