27 September 2007

Prepare for Liftoff

The RezHub gig has started. At this moment, I have two articles posted and about 8 others in the works. I can’t seem to focus. Otherwise I’d have four or five articles complete and only ONE in the works. Geez, woman! …Fo-cus! …Fo-cus!

On Tuesday, I had an online meeting and received a virtual-ton of information so that I can actually do some work that will lead to a deposit into my checking account. I’m happy and eager to work on this project. It will be a great learning experience, challenging and involving lots of effort, but I am way stoked about it!

For the record, I tried to find a better way to word my feelings other than “way stoked,” but the best suggestion the thesaurus had was “raring to go.” Sure, I’ve used that phrase. Or better said, I’m sure at some point I’ve used that phrase although I can’t imagine when or why I’d say that. “Way stoked” sounds unprofessional (unless you’re in Hawaii) but that’s just the way I talk, dude.

I digress.

So on Tuesday I went to bed stoked and on Wednesday woke up raring to go. (I’m trying to expand my vocabulary, but dude, that phrase sounds totally weird. And stuff.) Sorry, I’ll digress again.

Yesterday, when I needed my PC the most, it decided to get all moody and not let me open Word. Or open a web page. Or open the task manager. I said please and thank you, but no matter how politely I asked, the computer wouldn’t do anything for me. It was shooting down every suggestion I had.

So, I unplugged the uncooperative beast and while trying to hold back a flood of curse words yelled “HA!!” I have no idea why. I restarted my PC and after more than an hour of warming up, a Norton message popped up to rock my world and show me exactly why I need to renew my anti virus software T-T-T-TODAY JUNIOR! This reminder was some sort of monstrous file that occupied every ounce of brain space my computer has to offer.

My computer hasn’t been acting right for some time now, so I knew it was up to something. I just didn’t know it joined “Team Norton” to plot against me. Apparently, I had a mere 36 hours before Norton really turned on me. It already wasn’t letting me do anything I wanted, so I can’t imagine what would happen next. I took action and did the only logical thing - dropped that zero to get with a hero, by downloading a new anti virus software (we’ll see how it goes before I mention any names).

Norton fought me with fierce resistance, but I extracted him from my PC. No Norton, no more. Ahhh; deep belly breathing… breathe in… now out…. Relax, I fixed my computer. The battle is over. And I have a skill to add to my resume (yeah right).

Better yet, now when my computer is running, it doesn’t sound like there’s a rocket in my office gearing up for blast off.

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