24 September 2007

Whistle while you (wait for) work

I haven’t written anything about work lately, so I thought I would give my regular readers (AKA, my mom) an update.

My big-time, ongoing and paying gig that I wrote about last month has not started. The good news is I know these people are serious about using me for a lot of work over a long period of time. They are in continual contact with me, keeping me informed of what they’re doing and why things are taking longer than expected. Plus, on Friday they invited me to work on their business plan!

The better news is that I have been hired as a Travel Writer! Based on their job description I thought I would be one of several writers, if hired. As it turns out, I beat 24 other candidates for the position! The best part is that I was hired as a subcontractor, which means I will have a 1099 and can write off my travel expenses! I just started so you won’t find much, but you can look for my articles on the Travel Expert's Forum at RezHub.com.

I feel confident that my patience will pay off and before I know it, the paychecks will come rolling in. At the same time I’m frustrated because I’m not bringing home the bacon. I have a fixed amount of bacon that is slowly being eaten away by my monthly bills.

I need more bacon.

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