29 October 2007

Hi-Ho Cherry-O, A blogging we will go

Friday night was a blast! James and I showed up early to meet with Jeremy and take full advantage of our SIP Club membership. After a quick dinner, all three of us crashed the STL Blogger Gathering. Even though no one had any previous clue that we existed, we were immediately welcomed into the crowd.

I enjoyed meeting the faces behind some of the random blogs I read (but never comment on) and when mixed together, the variety of people held some interesting, weird and funny conversations. Raquita summed it up best by saying, “Trust me you had to be there.”

I’m looking forward to another gathering, though I am convinced that Liz should host the next Kick Ass Blogger Party.


  1. haha! I think maybe you're right. Except, would you still wear a costume even if it isn't Halloween?

    You guys were a blast! We should definitely hang out again soon.

  2. It doesn't have to be Halloween, but it should be some sort of Costume Party if you want me to wear a costume.

  3. Oh, oh! I'm so thrilled, I made it to your blogroll! I really, really enjoyed meeting you, and your friends as well. By the way, I think your husband and my husband would hit it off ;)



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