15 October 2007

Hide the Evidence!

Although I didn’t drink a drop yesterday, this morning I woke up and kind of felt hung over. How is that possible? I know we went on a three-day drinking binge, but sheesh. I didn’t realize it was going to take an additional three days for me to recover.

And for some strange reason I didn’t take one single picture while we were in Iowa. Then again, it’s not easy to capture the fun. Like when I saw strange-man balls… twice. Really, what do I take a picture of? The balls? Or would it be more appropraite to take a self-portrait of me in hysterical laughter as a drunken so-and-so walks around the bar with his hairy balls hanging out, just to get a reaction?

Ahhh, good times.

It was a much-needed getaway. Everyone was so great, so fun and so incredibly nice. Outside of Tyson, I had never met any of James’ college friends. Yet, no one made me feel like a newcomer or outsider. I felt welcome and loved by every single person. What more can you want? Actives and alumni brought together - instantly lifelong friends - because they are part of a fraternity.

I must take a moment to give special props to the pregnant wives who acted as our designated drivers. Thanks for making sure we all got home safely!!!

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