22 October 2007

I heart typos!

I hate making mistakes, but I sure love to find the typos and misspellings of others. In fact, one of my biggest accomplishments was finding the word Jerusalem misspelled in the Bible; they forgot to include the R.

To even the score, my typo-low-point occurred when I sent out my first ‘big’ survey and asked, “Would you like to shcedule an on-site visit?” The error slipped by unnoticed by me and three other proofreaders. The very first response had my transposition circled in thick, black marker. I couldn’t friggin’ believe it!

Tonight I was looking for random St. Louis Halloween activities and I noticed a nice typo on the Lemp Mansion website. They wrote “22st Annual Lemp Mansion Halloween Party” (actually, the typo is within a graphic).

Yesss! Found one!

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