30 October 2007

I'm Coming Out

The problem with leaving comments on websites and blogs is that it causes me to write weird things and make goofy or obscure references. Once I quoted Zig Ziglar. Apparently, I hadn’t come down from the motivational high of attending a Get Motivated seminar with my then-colleagues.

In lieu of posting unnecessary and rambling comments on my favorite sites, I’m outing myself as a lurker by adding a list of Blogs I peep (yoo hoo, guys, it’s a new category buried in the Right Column). Some blogs I read more than others, but these are a few I’ve enjoyed lately.

Eventually I plan to add a list of random websites I visit regularly. It will help give my audience a more complete picture of the weirdo I am.


  1. I'm leaving a comment purely because I realised recently nobody leaves comments on my blogs and it's annoying - actually, it's not as annoying as people leaving useless comments that has nothing to do with the post (luckily this one is not one of them... is it?). Anyway, visit me again and leave a comment somewhere, k? Funny blog - if i wasn't at work with the boss just over there, I would read more (maybe tonight).

  2. W00T! Reading you, too. Seriously, we're all a little weird.

  3. I'm still trying to figure out the "eats spaghetti" thing...that, in and of itself, is weird.

    ..this coming from a guy who's site is named "Mental Poo"...so take whatever I say with a grain of salt.

  4. I'll post a story about the "Eats Spaghetti" thing, although you'll prolly still think it's weird.

    ...Mental Poo... Any sort of poop or fart reference gets two thumbs up from me! Yeah, I have the humor of a five-year-old.

  5. Have just found your blog and am disappointed to discover you don't normally have green hair.

    Great read! I'll be back...

  6. What a great idea, peep admission! Very cool! I tend to lurk myself, although I try to give myself a daily goal of commenting on a certain number of blogs. Sometimes, my brain just can't come up with anything decent or on topic, so I don't always meet my goal. Well, I'll stop rambling and say I really am glad to have found your site, very funny.

  7. This is my friend Patti's blog. I don't know how she updates it and downloads so many pictures and songs into it so often...but she does. Maybe now that she's out in the country she's a meth head...doubt it. And with all the other blogs you visit you may or may not have time to check in on it.



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