08 October 2007

You Eeediot!

I consider myself to be of normal intelligence, maybe even slightly above average, but from time to time I do really dumb things.

On Saturday, I learned that my finger is not necessarily the best way to measure temperature. Like many injuries, this one occurred in the kitchen. I was about to cook lunch and began to wonder if a pan was hot. It was supposed to be hot; after all, it was on a burner for several minutes. That should have been my first clue NOT to touch it, but the pan didn’t really look hot - as if pans look a certain way when they’re heated up.

So I touched it.

Actually, I didn’t just touch it. I applied full pressure and poked the pan like it was the Pillsbury Dough Boy. The pan turned out to be very, very, very hot. And now the whole end of my finger is a blister.

The weird part about this is that I poked with my middle finger. Most people poke things with their pointer finger. Apparently, I don’t. And I have a blister to prove it.

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