19 November 2007

7 Things

At some point I planned to copy an idea from someone's blog (can't remember who) where they wrote ‘from A to Z, about me’ (this person actually skipped N, so their Bio should be titled 'A-M and O-Z, about me'). But the longer I procrastinate, the more '26' begins to sound like 'a lot'.

The other day I was tagged by this guy to write 7 Things About Me You Might Not Know. Sounds like a better plan, so I'll just go with a more manageable amount of personal facts: seven. And by the way, like it or love it, I'm actually writing things that you might or might not know about me.

1. For some reason, the spelling, pronouncing and remembering of my first name can only be described as habitually butchered. If someone takes a wild guess at spelling my name I'm lucky if they just leave out an N. It usually ends up looking like Ginett, or Jenet. Even worse, no one can remember my name so I am typically referred to as Jennifer, Janelle, Janis, Gina, and once I got a Lucille. (Jeannette, Lucille. I hear the resemblance.)

2. I drive fast. I can't help it. My parents do it, too, which means I'm genetically inclined to speed. And peel out. And do donuts and e-slides.

3. My car needs new tires. Bad. I know it's a result of what I just said in number two (he he, I said ‘number two’).

4. I was a vegetarian for 14 years. Actually, I was a junk-etarian because yeah, I didn't eat meat, but I also didn't eat fruit or vegetables too often. I became burnt out on salads within the first two years and after that, there's not too much food left in this world - or so I thought at the time. Taco Bell became my staple diet because you can substitute refried beans for meat on almost any menu item.

5. Now that I'm a reformed junk-etarian you might want to ask, what's my favorite meaty food? Steak? Lamb? Chicken? Blah, blah, blah and yuck, yuck, yuck. No thanks, my first choice is a cheeseburger. Mmmm, mmmmm tasty. Or maybe a meatball. One of those two hamburger products. Next in line is a hot dog. That's right, a hot dog. I don't eat them very often and I don't love every brand, but the Cardinal Hot Dog is my favorite. Believe me, I don't understand it myself. I never thought I'd eat an asshole and like it, yet I have. It's all ground up and squished back together into an indescernible texture. Mmmm, yummy... grill me a dog and pass it my way!

6. While we're being gross, you might be interested to know I love a good fart joke.

7. Poop is funny, too.


  1. Ha!! You're funny. More please. :-)
    I definitely think you should still do the "A-Z about me". That's right - about ME (not you) - I'd like to think, being the ego-driven gal that I am, that this would make it even more interesting.... ha, HA!

  2. By Kurt Vonnegut:


    Q: What is the white stuff in bird poop? A: That is bird poop also.


    We are here on Earth to fart around. Don't let anybody tell you different.

  3. I am living up to my purpose since I regularly fart around.



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