26 November 2007

Bare Naked Ladies (and Gentlemen)

Hallelujah! We’re finally going to cover the naked windows.

To be precise, one window is stark naked while the other one is partially nude.

To keep people from seeing in and to minimize the morning glare on my computer screen, I have pieces of newspaper and notebook paper taped to the window (I’m not joking) that faces the alley.

The other window is totally naked.

And that’s the one looking directly into my neighbor’s bedroom. Before you ask, the answer is yes, that guy still watches porn.

When I wrote about it a couple of months ago I thought the guy was on a porn-watching streak, but it’s routine. I see it all the time, almost daily. He watches an even mix of porn, sports, sports news, and Family Guy. Those are his favorites.

Also, he’s been yelling a lot lately. On Friday he was screaming into the phone for a good 45 minutes, promptly followed by 30 minutes of porn.

I know too much.

And that’s why we’re going to install these things.

1 comment:

  1. We've seen people renting porn DVDs by the gallon. What are they going to do with those in a weekend? Watch them? All of them? Play them as background while cooking? Copy them?

    An acquaintance told us how as a teenager he once (?) went with a friend to one of those movie theaters. As he was buying the tickets he asked: Has the movie started already? And the guy said: It doesn't really make a difference, son.



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