29 November 2007

Beets Me!

For someone who considers herself to be "not much of a food person," I sure enjoy blogging about food.

Today I read an alarming article about 4 Healthy Foods You Should be Eating. Apparently, I’m doomed.

Beets: Unless I have them confused with something else (radishes, maybe?) I’m pretty sure I hate those things. Okay, I just did a little research and yes, I hate beets. Just as I suspected, those are the red and slimy chicken-innards looking things I have removed from my CPK Cobb Salad (and replaced with extra avocado, please).

Cabbage: The only thing better than cabbage, is a cabbage fart. I love cabbage. But it’s not necessarily a regular part of my diet. I eat it like once a month, or barely; whichever is least.

Guava: Okay, I want to say I’m a huge fan, but I’m not. I’ve tried it a couple of times and it’s just not that great.

Swiss Chard: What the heck is a swiss chard? And are there other nationalities of chard? I’ve never even heard of swiss chard. Obviously, it sounds like swiss cheese, but it’s not cheese. It’s a vegetable.

Swiss chard makes me think of pomegranate.

I like to try new fruits and vegetables, which is why we munched rambutan. Buying a pomegranate entered my mind but it was a fleeting thought. Instantly I realized that I had no idea what a pomegranate is or how you eat one. I thought about the gingerroot or rhubarb or whatever that stuff was I bought that one time, and let it go bad because I wasn’t sure how to eat it.

So I put that dude back and went over to familiar foods.


  1. I'm not big on beets either. Cabbage is a good source of fiber. Guava is my least favorite of exotic fruits. And Swiss Chard is a dark leafy green. I think it has pink stems...or white...but I'm pretty sure they are pink. It is an excellent source of Vitamin B and Folic acid. Gingerroot isn't generally eaten on it's own but used as an accent in Asian styles of cooking. And Rhubarb is a fruit that you generally have to cook certain ways. You have to prepare it in certain ways because if cooked incorrectly it can taste thistle-y. I think it has to be boiled for a certain amount of time or something. It, along with most dark leafy greens (except spinach), are foods I'm wary of cooking with...and pastry dough...and anything with yeast. Was this comment obnoxious???

  2. “Cabbage is a good source of fiber.” Well, that solves the cabbage-fart mystery.

    For someone who has trouble compiling a grocery list, you sure know a lot about foods!

    So far, the worst thing I’ve cooked with is wheat flour. I’ve learned that even if you substitute only 25% of your white flour with wheat, the chocolate chip cookies won’t work. But my mother-in-law gave me some good advice; find recipes that are specific to wheat flour.

    Makes sense.

  3. Does Pomegranate juice count? Try POM. It's a tidbit pricey for my tastes, but delicious.

    (And I can't stomach anything on that list, either. I'm a flavor-hater.)


  4. Yes, you have to cook rhubarb and you can even put it in cake or make marmelade.

    Pomegranate is easy. You break it open (can use a knife) and inside you find hundreds of little seeds coated in the juicy substance that pommegranate is all about. Just remove them, place them in a nice bowl and eat them, eg with a spoon.

    You can't separate the seeds from the pink juicy stuff, so the taste can be somewhat bitterish when you bite through them. A bit like eating grapes with seeds (but still better than that). Be careful if you have dental crowns *lol* - well, they're not too hard.
    Anyway, you have to try, it's interesting!

  5. Just reading your article has got me farting.

    Beets and cabbage.

    I'd never be allowed to eat in the house again.

  6. i'm not sure what beets are...if they're related to radishes then i hate them too...

    cabbages, ok...

    guava, ok but i rarely get to eat guavas...

    swiss chard, haha you made me laugh with "And are there other nationalities of chard?" I don't know what the heck they are, they are probably not even available in my part of the world...

    i wish the list included stuffs that are readily available worldwide and year-round...

  7. Dear moooooog35,

    How do you fart on command? It's a skill I've wanted to develop for years, so any advice would be truly helpful.

    Yours Truly,



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