16 November 2007

Here a MOO, there a MOO

At the suggestion of a graphic designer friend of mine, I made homemade business cards. I bought some perforated paper and tried a whole bunch of fancy fonts, font colors and varied the layout. I printed off several sheets, tore them apart and to make them a little different, I resized them (with a razor, ruler and kitchen cutting board). In the end, they looked, well, like they were cheap little homemade business cards. I hated them. Every time I handed one out I felt embarrassed.

Via my flickr account, I kept seeing ads for MOO MiniCards. The MiniCards are like tiny business cards (maybe 1/3 the size of a normal business card). Besides the little-and-cute factor, I was attracted to the cards because I can decorate them with a photo I've taken. Actually, I can order every single card with a different picture. Cool!

I ordered them and immediately began pacing. Once the estimated arrival date came and went, I became frustrated. Every day I would check the mail, find no MOO cards and exclaim, "Where's my damn MOO cards!?" (Officer, I swear, it was the impatience that drove me to cuss.)

One day I received an email from a guy at MOO (not one of those automatically generated messages, it was from an actual guy named Dan M) that explained what was taking so long. Apparently, when they did a quality check they found a few cards missing. They had no idea which ones were missing (probably because I ordered 38 different designs, literally) so they decided to reprint the order and send me both the complete and incomplete boxes.

It felt like forever, but nine days later my MOO cards arrived! And, duh, you eeediot, the MOO cards had to travel from London. Had I known that, I might not have impatiently waited.

Moral of the story:

The MOO cards are a little expensive, 25 cents each if you include shipping and handling, but they are great quality, very unique and everyone seems to love them. I'm very happy with the cards and they make great conversation.

"Oh that photo, that's where James and I stopped for lunch when we went on a seventeen mile ocean kayaking trip along Na Pali Coast in Kauai."

"Oh that photo, that's a wild chicken."

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  1. I have Moo mini cards and I have just ordered some stickers - they are great aren't they? I'm tempted by the notecards - and they are doing Christmas cards...



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