01 November 2007

I'm Going Un-Pink

Now that we're out of Breast Cancer Month, my blog is going un-pink. The problem is, I don't really have a personal theme and although I've only been blogging since August, I'm already bored with the standard templates.

I've been thinking about contacting a professional. Before I do, does anyone have any advice on what they've done, or who has helped them develop an original look for their blog?

Also, if anyone can tell me why they prefer Blogger over WordPress or any other blogging platform, please do. WordPress seems to be rather popular so I've been thinking of moving my blog over there. Before I do something drastic, it's prolly better to seek out a little advice.

Okey Dokey, new found blogging buddies, comment away.....


  1. Blogger is slightly more stable since Google took over, but it still sucks.

    I continue to use it because the quirks I know are better than the Wordpress quirks I'd have to learn from scratch.

  2. There's a local gal, Pixie, that does lovely Blogger templates for cheap. I used her a while black when I was using Blogger and she was really easy to work with.


  3. I use wordpress because the amount of free different templates out there are massive.. And if you have any experience with any resembling photoshop or paint shop or anything you can make your own headers and stuff. So I would at least review the possibility before paying for a new template.

  4. I also use WordPress and love it. I basically downloaded a template and hacked the crap-ola out of it and added my own graphic. I used blogger before, but I now have my own domain and wordpress works beautifully with it. Plus, there are so many plug in's out there to jazz stuff up, but it is easy to understand the file structure so customzing it is s breeze. If you want any help, I would be glad to help out! I love this kind of stuff :)

  5. If you plan on sticking with blogger, you can do quite a bit with some of the templates. Just adding a custom banner separates you from the pack a little. I use the "Denim" theme, I think it's called, for one of my sites, and pretty much everything about it is customizable.

  6. i have not used blogger, only wordpress. i like the support with wordpress and from what i read there are more options and the support is really good.

    i don't like the blogger comment process but blogger is so prevalent it does not seem to be an issue.

    i am a designer and started learning blogging 1/07. if you have any design question/issues you can contact me at petmonologues.com to start a dialog.

    i am cooking spaghetti tonight with sun dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, asparagus, and grilled sea scallops. so we can talk about spaghetti too.



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