25 November 2007

In other thankful news

Our Thanksgiving holiday was perfect. We lucked out with two dinners that weren't crammed together on the same day. We were able to catch up with family, eat great food, and relax (although we both worked on Friday, boooooo).

I must give props to my brother. I'm thankful he made it possible for James and myself to spend two hours playing Guitar Hero. I had a great time even though I had to jam with the gimpy guitar. Not only was it freakishly small designed for a small child, the "rock out" function was broken. That was totally frustrating.

Here I am, rocking you like a hurricane, when suddenly I have to stop strumming and press select. Read that again, "...stop strumming and press select." Yep, that's what true rockers do when they're rocking out, press select. And technically speaking, I wasn't able to simply "press select." I was aiming for select, but half the time I pressed pause instead.

In the end, James took on my dead weight and we beat the game (on easy). Gooooo TEAM!

To top off our weekend of Thanksgiving wonderfulness, I discovered that way back on Thursday the RFT Daily Web Crawl gave me an honorable mention/link. It's nothing really, I'm not even mentioned by name. I'm one of three links in a sentence that reads, "Today there are too many thankful local bloggers to count."

I just get all warm and fuzzy inside when I find links to my blog. Not only am I worth reading, I'm worth mentioning and/or linking to. How cool is that!?


  1. I guess we'll have to try harder to impress you next Thanksgiving. If your highlight was playing "Guitar Hero" I'll need to get you the game so you won't have to drive all the way here to play.

  2. I'd love to get the game, but we don't have the necessary game system for guitar hero... and that's expensive. Right now we need other things (like tires for my car) so it seems wrong to buy the game and game system. Oh well.

    I've been playing Air Guitar Hero and it gets me by just fine.

  3. I let Chris buy a Wii a couple of months ago and we have all kinds of fun with it. We have friends over to play and my daughter loves it. It's definitely the system to get if you are spending the money for a system.

  4. I notice you've mentioned a couple of times about needing tires for your car....is this your hint for Christmas? I can probably swing buying one...then you just need James, CJ and Cari to buy one each and you'll be set!! (get it? set!)

  5. I'm going to get new tires, eventually. Maybe if I bought them one at a time it wouldn't seem like I was spending so much, lol.



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