27 November 2007

Me Want Coffee

A long, long time ago, back in early September, I wrote about how I was turning into one of those people, you know, the ones who have to drink coffee to function properly?

I'm on a whole new level of coffee addiction.

Back then I was brewing coffee at 12:45 because I skipped it that morning and I needed some coffee, dammit.

Today I'm brewing coffee at 12:45 because I already drank coffee and it wasn't enough. I need more. Dammit.

Me. Want. Coffee.

...brewed with cinnamon and topped off with a generous helping of French Vanilla creamer, please.


  1. I just popped over from stlbloggers and thought I would say hi! I just started blogging in August as well, and can't function (or at least in a nice manner) without at least 1 cup of coffee. :)

  2. This is EXACTLY like my coffee addiction.

    Except, instead of coffee, it's Vodka.

    To-mA-to, To-ma-to.

  3. We have a douchebag at work who empties both coffe pots and washes them at 11:30 because "nobody drinks coffee after lunchtime."

    I put him on notice that the next time he does it I'll personally drink his blood, caffeinated or not.

    Keep the damn pot full and fresh until AT LEAST after my 3 pm coffee crash.

  4. Thanks for the comments!
    They've helped me realize my coffee drinking habit isn't that bad.

  5. I thought I wasn't an addict. Then i tried to go a weekend without it. Worst decision ever. I got the shakes. Then I made a cup, or two. Or five.

  6. No it's not!

    Those statisticians - that's medical researchers - still haven't found ANYTHING to blame on coffee and chocolate! And boy have they tried hard! They keep finding they're good for you instead!

    A nice article for all of us coffee junkies, by the way:


  7. I Heart Typos ~ you spelled Cinnamon wrong....

  8. It's true, my love for typos comes from my mom, not my dad. He's horrible at spelling.



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