04 November 2007

More Food

Okay, I might not have the diet of a five year old, but when left to my own devices I definitely eat like a teenager. After having watermelon and coffee for breakfast yesterday morning, I ate a late lunch that consisted of Totino's Mexican Pizza, tater tots covered with a slice of American cheese and a beer.

I'm aware of the possibility that my pizza is contaminated with E. coli, but it's so yummy I ate it anyway. I'll take my chances.



  1. Woohoo! That look yummy! I'm hungry now :)

  2. That has stinky, stinky farts written all over it.

    Keep your Glade handy.

  3. mmm i shouldn't see it while i'm at office! too tasty! ;)

  4. Won't the alcohol in the beer kill the e.coli? :-)

  5. I wasn't really sure if the beer will kill E. coli, but I figured the oven should do it.
    Then again, I know absolutely nothing about E. coli, except that it is reportedly found in a few packaged foods I love.
    And I'm pretty sure it kills people.

  6. I'm into the tostinos but jacks does a good mex pizza too... just say to avoid the bad pizza



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