30 November 2007

So idiotic, it’s almost genius

Thank you, Dwight, for this awesome idea. If it weren’t for you, I’d still think I’m writing at an idiot’s level. As it turns out, my blog’s readability level is genius!

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That’s right, genius! I couldn’t believe it either, so I did the test twice and both times it came up genius.

After the shock wore off, one thought popped into my mind:

I’m wearing my underwear inside out.

I know it sounds a little weird, but I was. Sure, tomorrow I’ll remember to check and put them on correctly. But give me about two weeks and I’ll make a trip to the loo only to discover my panties are inside out. Again.

Do genius writers occasionally wear their panties inside out? It appears to be some sort of oxy-moron, like, “If you’re such a genius, why can’t you put your underwear on the right way?”


  1. As far as i know, readability level measures not the blogger's intelligence but how understandable his posts are, so a genius level for a non-technical blog is not really a compliment but actually the opposite.

    After reading your posts on your main page, I don't know why you got a genius rating. Your posts are very easy to understand, the sentences are not too long, you use familiar words, and the topics are very much down to earth. You deserve a better rating, junior high perhaps?

  2. I don't know, because my blog's reading level is elementary school. Guess the state of my underwear isn't really important. Grrr.

  3. I think it's totally weird and I have no idea why it gave me a genius readability level, really.

    Maybe it was the "cabbage fart" joke.

    And, Cyberpunk, yes, I started to write about that (how it's the opposite of a compliment), but the blog seemed too drawn out, so I deleted it all. ...I wondered if "genius" meant like, I'm some sort of idiot and my ramblings are so whack that only a genius can figure out what I'm trying to say. If that's the case, my loyal readers are all geniuses!

  4. WTF.

    I got "Short-bus Retarded boy with cleft-palate."

    Now that's just plain mean.

    Actually, I got "Undergrad."

    Which is fine...because I am kind of a super-hero...so I'm guessing this is like "Underdog" or "Under-estimated" or one of those other superhero names...

    ..just got to figure out who "Grad" is.

  5. Always happy to generate blogfodder.

    I'm so glad mine was Junior High. I take so much crap about "big words." That was priceless.


    I normally wait til da 3rd week b4 I wear em Inside Out!!


  7. Not an oxymoron. Look at Einstein's hair. You've got more important issues on your buzzing brain than the state of your underwear. James agree?



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