20 November 2007

That feeling

Do you ever get that feeling, the one you get when you're standing in the kitchen and look up at the ceiling only to notice water dripping from a sagging area that looks like it could crack open at any moment? (To help you understand that feeling, realize this particular area of the kitchen ceiling is directly below the toilet in our upstairs and only bathroom.)


Hopefully this incident will not turn into a horrendous-now-but-we'll-look-back-at-this-and-laugh situation.


  1. Good luck with that.

    I'm disturbed at your "Gulp" comment in the middle of your post...as it actually intimates that you got a drop in your mouth while looking up.


    Hey - you said you thought poop was funny in your "7 things"...

    ..the irony..

  2. We didn't drink any of the water dripping from the ceiling, although we could since it is clear and therefore probably totally healthy.

    It hasn't dripped since, but lucky for us it is right over the sink.

    But it's totally freaking me out.



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