08 November 2007

What will they think of next?

Apparently, tainting our toothpaste is a thing of the past. China has moved on to bigger and badder projects, introducing the world to Aqua Dots laced with the date rape drug GHB.

You're probably thinking, "Stop the presses! What on earth is an Aqua Dot?" Apparently they are tiny plastic balls that can be arranged into shapes (probably something girly like a pony or heart). The object is to then spray them with water so they magically stick together.

The kicker is, the same chemical that makes the dots stick together also metabolizes into GHB when ingested. How weird-o is that? If you eat a few Aqua Dots, your body somehow manages to turn them into Gama Hydroxybutyric Acid (GHB).

It seems that today we are buying all sorts of unneccessary crap. And all that junk seems to contain crazy chemicals that yield unpredictable results. Do we really need scientists working feverishly in the lab to invent a substance that, when sprayed with water, will adhere to other like substances?

Probably not.


  1. Because of my high levels of paranoia, I believe we are going to move toward a wooden toy/make-your-own-soap kit Christmas. I look around at all of the plastic crap in our house (most made in China, I'm sure), and I cringe.

  2. ...First we'll read about the link between wooden toys and cancer. Then we'll hear about how the soap, when ingested, turns into a laxative. Go figure.

  3. Everything is scary now. I don't know how we made it into adulthood.

  4. My problem is actually getting women in bars to EAT the AquaDots.

    I mean, making a funny unicorn out of them is one thing...getting them to eat the damn thing is the other.

    I mean..um..oh...bad...BAD AquaDots!

  5. I also read an article in Vogue about how all of the plastic that we use is actually causing us to have infertility and cancer. So limit your plastic use in every way if you are pregnant, plan to be pregnant, are an infant, or going through puberty. I'm glad I'm done with all of those stages. :D

    In regards to the wood products most wooden toys have pesticides of some sort seeping out of them. Some "green" boutiques have toys made from organic wood.

    I don't know anything about the soap except that glycerin in large amounts can make bombs.

    There's always something...

  6. I'm reading "A Year Without Made in China" by Sara Bongiorni. Let me tell you. Everything in your house is made in China. Can't avoid it. The author's search for non-China things takes her to interesting places and everything is a hassle. God bless her.



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