14 November 2007

Year of the Mouse

Regardless of what I am doing, I always listen to music. I love discovering new talent and rediscovering music I haven’t heard in a while. James and I share this passion.

Music plays a huge part in our life and it always has, for both of us. Come to think of it, the first purchase we made after I moved in was a computer - specifically to combine our music and attempt to organize our out-of-control CD collection. That task is still not complete.

I digress.

You know that Chinese calendar, the one that assigns an animal to each year? If they used a mouse (as opposed to a rat) 2007 would be its year. And that mouse would be modest.

Wondering what the heck I’m talking about?
Let me get right to the point.

2007 has been the year of Modest Mouse.

I am obsessed.
I can’t get enough.
I listen to them every day.

And tonight my obsession will finally pay off.
I am going to the Pageant to see Modest Mouse!!!

...let's hope I don't get Black Crowed again.


  1. I'm going tonight too, I can't wait! See you there.

  2. I'm late to this! Were they as good as you hoped? Did you have a good time?

  3. DANG IT!

    My son told me about it and I forgot. I was going to go.

    Hope it was a good show.

    Did they do "Gravity Rides Everything?"

  4. Well, Dwight, I have no idea if they performed Gravity Rides Everything.

    Some fan, huh.

  5. 2008 is year of the Mouse/rat, while 2007 was the year of the "Boar" ...which is what your blog has become---a bore---since I learned you're married :(

  6. @Isaac - I can't comment on your blog!?!? Dude, what gives!?



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