12 December 2007

Bloggers around the world

The cool thing about blogging is that I’ve met lots of interesting people from all over the world. Since I’ve met other bloggers in person only once, technically I “meet” people via a brief online conversation in the form of comments on each other’s blog.

This morning I woke up to a comment from some dude in Italy. Actually, let me clarify that I assume it’s some dude, but I could be wrong. I’m assuming this because his blog is titled “Big Salumeria” which prolly means Big Salami. That sounds like something a guy would write.

Granted, I don’t speak Italian or any other foreign languages (every time I publicly admit that fact, I envision ¾ of the world rolling their eyes at me while thinking, “Dumb American”) but Salumeria sounds a whole lot like salami.

I sure get sidetracked easily.

My point was that I could only understand a couple of things on Big Salami’s blog. The first thing was Dueling Banjos. I’m from the Midwest and it’s kind of required that each person own one copy of Dueling Banjos. So I find it freaking fucking hilarious that of the three songs Big Salami has on his site, one of them is Dueling Banjos!

I’ve seen a Hawaiian Redneck, so maybe he’s an Italian Redneck? DUDE, how cool would that be!?

Well, that was a fleeting thought.

A. Rednecks typically don’t blog. Big Salami blogs.
B. Of the other two songs he posted, one is rap (in English) and the other is some sort of Techno (not English). I know quite a few rednecks and not one of them enjoys rap or techno (English or not).
C. His website includes a Voki. Regardless of their nationality, if a Redneck blogged he would probably post a confederate flag, not a Voki.
D. Big Salami has a widget for the Iraq Body Count, which documents civilians who have died in Iraq. That doesn’t seem very Redneck-y.

Nah, he can’t be a redneck… it’s not possible.

Nearly 350 words later I’m getting to my point.

What really stood out was Big Salami’s Iraq Body Count widget. I’ll be honest, I easily lose track of the death toll in Iraq.

For a quick reminder, please know that Iraqi civilian deaths are around 80,000; US Soldier fatalities are at 3,888; Allied military deaths are at 306; putting total military deaths at 4,194.

I started to go on, but political and war debates aren’t exactly my forte. Just know that the numbers are piling up. Interpret that however you’d like.

I’ve added a widget so you can easily keep the numbers in mind. I also recommend visiting icasualties.org, this page on About.com, Antiwar.com, the Washington Post, and of course, NPR. If you aren’t happy with these recommendations, just Google “Iraq” and find whatever it is you’re looking for.

Oh yeah, if you speak Italian, stop by Big Salumeria for salami-related news.


Update: Baol explained Big Salami is actually Gino il Salumiere, an Italian poet (cool job title!). And Polle translated Big Salumeria, which "...stands for, more or less (translations some times cannot be accurate), Big Groceryshop. Actually, in Italy, a "salumeria" it's a shop where you can buy all kinds of cold cuts."


  1. Hello, first of all, excuse me for my english :)
    I come directly from Big Salumeria blog and your comment there make me curious...(also the word "spaghetti" in your name make me curious...lol).
    However, i think like you that blogs help to know a lot of wonderful persons from all over the world :)
    If you would like you could try to read my blog...lol but in the mine you won't find widgets sorry :P
    However, if you would like to help me with my english i could help you with italian :)
    Have a great day

    Big Salumeria is a poet ;)

  2. Apparently, due to the word "Spaghetti" in my name, Italians are somewhat curious about me.

    I sure wish I could speak even a minor amount of Italian... it'd make blog reading a little more productive.

  3. Very cool.

    You can put your body count widget side by side with a "Days since the Last Terrorist Attack on American Soil" widget.

    They'd make nice bookends for an intellectually honest person.

  4. Hi there! I'm a big fan of Gino il Salumiere and, just to make something clear, I would like to explain to you that Big Salumeria stands for, more or less (translations some times cannot be accurate), Big Groceryshop. Actually, in Italy, a "salumeria" it's a shop where you can buy all kinds of cold cuts.
    Have a great day,

  5. Thanks Baol and Polle... That explains why I couldn't find a clear translation. (I thought it was either a restaurant or a grocery store.)

  6. Hello..."Salumeria" isn't a restaurant but you can find wonderful things to eat! ;)

  7. ... but eat them some place else, isn't that your point, Baol.

    A cafeteria, though, is a place where you can buy all kinds of hot coffees, and where you can drink them - isn't it?

    Confusing, confusing... It's a Babel out there...



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