12 December 2007

Jim and Lynette

According to our dentist's receptionist, we are Jim and Lynette. Time and time again, I've corrected this and I can't get her to stop calling us by those names.

After tomorrow they'll remember who I am because I'm having a cavity filled. And I am terrified of the dentist.

I'll probably freak out, cry and overall make a scene.

Afterward, I plan to give them one of my blog cards, tell them I'm going to write about my experience, then they'll see this "Jim and Lynette" blog, remember who we are, and start calling us by our given names: James and Jeannette.


  1. ...could be worse, you could be Larry and Lucille...

  2. You are not the only that is terrified of the dentist...i'll pray for you :)

  3. You need to start making up a name to call the receptionist...

    ..like...Zelda or some shit like that.

    She'll figure it out when you start yelling, "HOW DO YOU LIKE IT, ZELDA?!"

  4. I am SO calling you Lynette from now on.

  5. Lynette eats Baguette?

    Lucille in Brazil?

    Larry on Safari?

    Jim at the gym, the lean, present-giving machine?

    Why not try and register as Charalambos & Afroksilanthi Chatzispiropanagiotakopoulos at the dentist's. They will always remember you.



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