11 December 2007

Shopper’s Block

I’ve come down with a case of Shopper’s Block. I have no idea what the hell to buy anyone for Christmas. I’d really like to Git-R-Done! from the comfort of my own home, so I hope those gift ideas start flowing real soon.

Quite oppositely, I made progress on the Christmas tree project. Last night at approximately 8:56 pm, it was completely decorated and the leftover Christmas crap decorations were stored away in the basement.

Our tree is a sad little princess. But if you dim the lights and put your beer goggles on, she looks kinda beautiful.


  1. Do you eat SPAGHETTI?
    I'm very glad... because i'm Italian...

    Nice to meet you.

  2. Aahhh...A tree Charlie Brown could be proud of.

    You're right...if you squint just right, it kind of looks like a tree.

    Just kidding...nice job.

    As for gift ideas, I can tell you that I take cash, check or credit card.

  3. It looks just fine. We went with a tiny but easily decorated tree this year. I'll have to post a picture on the blog, mine that is.



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