08 December 2007

Tick Tock, People

It doesn’t feel like Christmas, yet the Christmas season is upon us. This actually occurred to me today when I was reminded via a cute little countdown clock that there are only 16 days left to scramble around like a mad-woman, buying presents at the last minute shop.

I’m not ready. In fact, I haven’t even started shopping.

I hate shopping.

Yes, I know, I’m a chic and supposedly all chics love to shop. Not me, I hate it. I also hate ice cream (unless it’s diluted with crumbled Oreos, 50/50) so call me a weirdo.

I shudder at the mere thought of shopping. I don’t envision anything fun or Christmas-like. No joy, none of that crap. In my book, shopping is a modern day form of good old-fashioned human torture.

I love giving things to people, but I hate buying stuff.

I absolutely, positively hate the act of “going shopping.” I hate going from place to place, wandering around, with the sole purpose of looking for stuff to buy. At first online shopping was an awesome alternative, but I soon realized that I’m doing the same thing… surfing from place to place, looking for stuff to buy.

In the end, I’m still buying stuff and I hate to spend money.

The same thing happens every Christmas. James and I set a budget, we save up our little pennies, make a naughty and nice list, and get the whole thing planned. Next, the brakes slam our well-designed plan to a screeching halt. I hate to shop; therefore I won’t put the plan into action.

The week before Christmas James and I will be running around like crazy people buying all kinds of stuff like we’ve won a shopping spree, for others.

Tis the season!


  1. Well, unless you HAVE to shop with James, going during the day (now that you are not chained to an office) is really a lovely time to go shopping. There are fewer people out which is nice. The retail workers haven't been pissed off yet (unless they work at H & M ;). And there is more parking. I H.A.T.E. going shopping in the evenings and on weekends. So holla if you want to go sometime during the week. Next Thursday for a couple of hours or the following Tuesday, hopefully for longer 10 a.m.-2:30 p.m., I should be available.

  2. Oh, how I feel your pain. I braved the stores today, only because I don't want to be doing it NEXT weekend when it's worse. I saw those countdown signs at Walmarts. Talk about stressing you out even more. I got most of my stuff done, but I'm sure I'll be scrambling at the last minute like I always do, for something I forgot. Good luck to ya! It's a jungle out there!
    Kathy at The Junk Drawer

  3. Thanks for the blogroll love! I'm like you; I hate the shopping and I have to buy for Hanukkah AND Christmas! Maybe I'm curmudgeonly, but I find myself only buying gifts for those I KNOW will be giving me something.

  4. I just woke up to the season this morning.

    The guy on the radio said "it December 10th."

    That's when it clicked. Two weeks. Sheesh.

  5. I don't like shopping when I HAVE to shop. I like buying stuff for people, but not out of need. I'd much rather get them something they can use instead of just finding some crap to fulfill the gift giving process.



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