07 January 2008

At the Gas Station

I was lucky enough to snap this photo at a local gas station.

At the Gas Station

For those of you who can’t see the photo, the sign reads:

Due to The Leak (new rule)
If it’s yellow,
let it mellow. (within reason)

If it’s brown,
flush it down.

The Management

Oh wait, that sign is in our bathroom.

No worries, folks.

I’ve called a guy I know to examine the situation. We’ll see if things are better or worse than what I’m imagining. It could happen.

This leak is directly below the only toilet in our house.

It is also directly above the only kitchen sink.

Which, if you’re trying to look on the bright side (I’m really, really trying to look on the bright side), is kind of cool because we don’t need a special leak bucket since the water drips into the sink.

Listening to: Mike Jones – Back Then


  1. can I tell you how much I DON'T envy you right now?

  2. Yeah I was looking at the note then though, "Wait a minute!!! That's Jeannette's writing!!! What was it doing in a gas station???" That sucks about your plumbing situation. It makes me slightly happy about being a "renter".

  3. It's led to comments like, "I heard a flush. You must of had something brown to flush down."

    It's driving James crazy.

  4. We have a tiny leak under our toilet and our handyman solution is to put a Glad plastic container under it.

  5. Our leak starts at the toilet and continues through the floor. The floor in our bathroom just happens to also be the ceiling in our kitchen.

    If we keep ignoring the drip, one day I'll be sitting on the crapper when suddenly - I break through the floor and into the kitchen.

    How embarrassing!



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