15 January 2008

the Early Bird brews the coffee

I’ve realized that my husband let’s me sleep late each morning because otherwise he has to deal with morning-Jeannette.
And unless she climbs out of bed on her own accord, she’s a crabby beast.

I am so not a morning person.

While making coffee today, I was thinking about how I should learn to use the cappuccino/espresso section of my new, gigantic coffee pot. After reading through the directions, I realized the chances of me figuring it out on my own are slim. There are a few too many steps that include something about cranking the handle a certain way or the coffee grinds will go everywhere, make a mess and ruin the cappuccino or espresso.

Yeah right.

When faced with a situation where I must do something one particular way or all hell breaks loose, inadvertently, I will break hell loose.

New plan: forget about making cappuccino or espresso. I’ll just beer bong my coffee for the ultimate caffeine rush.

Cup O Joe

By the time I finished dreaming this scenario, ten minutes or so had passed. I started to pour my first cup and notice eight cups of coffee in the pot.

What the hell?

I only brewed five.

That means three of those cups were leftover from Sunday.


Had I been paying attention to what I was doing, as opposed to standing there half asleep, dreaming of coffee-bonging half a pot of coffee in the shower (for easy clean-up), I might have noticed the two-day-old coffee already in the pot.

Update: When I told James I did this, he asked, "How did it taste?"

As if I'd drink it.

As if.

Listening to: Modest Mouse - Exit Does Not Exist


  1. Yeah, ewww...

    hehe, that coffee machine sounds interesting though...better learn it, I think the payoff will be worth it :)

    oh btw I tagged you. See my blog for the meme.

  2. i'm so much of a not-morning-person that i don't even make coffee in the morning. . .that would mean i'd have to get up many precious minutes earlier to have to brew and drink said coffee.

  3. couldn't reply via email, so i'll just do it here. . . thanks for the heads up on the typo in my sidebar-- thats wut hapens wen theirs no spel cheque.

  4. How much did you spill? :)

  5. lol this is a funny post. I have a coffee maker w/ a timer. If I set it to "auto" it makes a nice hot pot of coffee everyday at 6.30am.

  6. @angeline... I've thought about using an automatic coffee maker, but I don't get up at the same time each day and I don't drink coffee every day. Plus, I like freshly ground coffee beans. Yum.



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