30 January 2008

Easily Distracted

I used to sport a T-Shirt that said "Easily Amused."
And that's true: I am very easily amused.

Today I need a shirt that says Easily Distracted.


Because there's a dead rabbit in the backyard.


My dog, Nico, loves to kill rabbits.

Does this look like the face of a rabbit killer?

Nico July-05


Look into her beady little eyes.

Nico waiting for dinner

She looks - and is - as sweet as can be. But stick a furry bunny in front of her and she turns into a crazed rabbit killer.

At least she didn't bring this one into the kitchen like last time.


Nico certainly is proud of herself and she's going to be excited to show James her kill. Luckily for me, he's on his way home to dispose of it.

Of course, he ends our phone conversation with, "No problem, see you in a few minutes! I can't wait to mess with it with Nico."


Listening to: White Rabbits - Tourist Trap


  1. Wow, today has been the day for dog posts! Kaira is a bunny killer too.

  2. HA!

    "Here Mommy, pant pant pant.. I brought youse a present, whut you gonna do wif it? pant pant pant."


    Dogs.. they sure keep life interesting!

  3. Gross.

    The dog I had as a kid used to kill gophers. I'd go in the backyard and see a trail of... parts. Leg here, head there. Yuck!

    How come dogs can't bring you cool stuff like a new necklace or a medium-well steak? THAT deserves a "good boy!".

  4. Ha! I like Jillian's idea!

  5. I love all the dog posts going on right now. . . I long for a dog the way many women long for a baby. Nico's too cute; what kind is she? How old is she, where'd you get her? Tell me all!

  6. Jake killed a bunny, but it was fluff stuffed. Not quite the same disgusting mess.

  7. Well that puts paid to my idea. I want a dog - but our land is used to release kiwi (flightless protected bird) - if YOUR cute dog can kill fast rabbits then any dog is going to kill a kiwi - isn't it?
    Anyone know a dog that won't? Would love to hear.



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