22 January 2008

Long time, no blog

Yeah, yeah, yeah – I’ve neglected to blog over the last few days. Sorry peeps, I had to unplug from Jeannette 2.0 and fill my time with running errands, doing household chores, working, and folding origami. Boooring, I know.

It all began one week ago...

…Insert Flashback Music here. If you don’t have your own Flashback Music handy, may I suggest Man Man - Spider Cider:

You might as well press play, it's a 3-minute song.

If this music totally irritates you, you’re
A - tired
B - totally not cool
C - an old fart

Anyway, what the hell was I saying?

Oh yeah, it began one week ago today when I decided that I really needed to fold some origami. I made a couple of things for Susan and then for myself, I also made this origami structure that involves 30 pieces of paper, a pain in the ass, several tries, and no less than 267 cuss words to assemble that bad dude.

Luckily, to break up the monotony of folding paper, we had some fun stuff planned over the weekend. We had a great time on Friday night with Susan celebrating her birthday at the Jive and Wail.

I’m happy to report that Tanqueray is yum-my.


Cabin Fever was Saturday.
To sum up the day, it was FREEZING!

I drank plenty of fantastic beer – mostly Imperial Stout – which, at a whopping 10.2% alcohol content, helped me lose one of my brand new gloves within hours of its purchase (at least I managed to hang on to the lefty).

Cabin Fever

Listening to: Man Man - Spider Cider (duh)


  1. I'm so glad you guys were able to come hang out on Friday, it was a blast! The origami is sitting on my desk in my office, and I've already gotten a few complements!

  2. At least she's listening to a band that opened for Modest Mouse, Kurt!

  3. Very off topic comment here, but Alton Brown had an episode on meatballs tonight and I totally thought of you.

  4. I like e lot origami!
    Good morning american friend ;)

  5. If anyone has lost a glove in Pittsburgh, try


    Lost a glove elsewhere? Lost something else wherever? Start a new Web site! You'll make many people happy!



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