17 January 2008

Pass the Pot

..Neti Pot, that is.

I’ve had a sinus headache for two days and it's pushed me within an inch of trying the J-Neti-Pot. Though I still haven’t purchased one, I’m a little less afraid to try it because of some great advice from my readers:

Take it easy on the salt, use the right temperature of water, expect to choke a little bit and most importantly, do this naked in the tub (it’s messy).

Now, I just have to buy one.

Listening to: Modest Mouse - Tiny Cities Made of Ashes

This video is well worth the watch.

Dabacaz, kudos to you!!!


  1. Please be aware that the only time I've ever wet my pants in front of my husband was when I tried to use a Neti pot. I'm still mortified.

  2. Naked in the tub? Good grief woman! I would just put your hair in a pony tail, maybe. Just be sure to breath through your mouth and you will be fine. I hope you feel better soon. Take some sudafed too.

  3. @Angela -- YIKES!

    @a bun's life -- "Good grief woman!" That totally made me laugh out loud! I'm sure if I wear clothes, I'll soak them during this process - at least on the first few tries.

  4. I have friends who swear by them but neti pots freak me out. I'd prolly do it in the tub my first time too. Then seem... prone to messy.

  5. Have a great weekend my friend! :)

  6. Like Tamberlyn said. Hold your hair back, stand over the sink, stick your neck out, you'll be fine. Make sure the water is nice a warm. It feels a bit wierd at first but it does help clean out the sinuses. Use one everytime I get a cold to prevent a sinus infection.

    And yes, it looks a bit silly. You feel like you're shoving the end of a teapot up your nose. This, however for kids? PRIME entertainment. They LOVE to watch! (They don't want to do it themselves, they just want to watch YOU do it.)

    So if you have nieces or nephews over one day and they're bored? Get out the ole' neti pot! heehee.

    Hope you start feeling better soon.



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