25 January 2008


I’ve said this before, but I must say it again, I heart thai-poes.
…with a passion.

You see, it all started back when I was conceived…

...it’s an inherited trait, from my mom. That’s right; I’m genetically inclined to find typos. She does it, too.

Conversely, my dad and brother are the exact opposites. They’re the most misspelling-est people I’ve ever encountered. My dad buys letus and lite blubs at the grocery store.

Of course, they’re both mechanically gifted on a level I can’t even begin to comprehend.

You win some, you lose some.

Anyway, I’m writing about typos because a certain Yahoo News headline caught my eye:

Judith Regan lawsuit settled is settled.

Dude, I love this stuff!

I have no idea why, but finding other’s typos brings me happiness and joy. When people find mine, it brings me misery and sorrow.

What’d I say a few sentences ago?
---You win some, you lose some.

Listening to: Modest Mouse – Dramamine


  1. I publish a bi-monthly newsletter on my own, and I love find the typos of others, and crushed when then find mine, of course...I claim to be the QUEEN of typos. Why is it that you never see your own, but everyone elses?

    There must be a paper written out there about that. Nice blog, enjoy it.

  2. I used to keep a blog containing only typos found on cnn.com

  3. I know you love them. . . you recently called me out on one of mine ;)

  4. I also am a closet proof reader. I wince when I read bad spelling or typos. I hate text message speak.

    Have you read 'Eats, Shoots and Leaves' by Lynn Truss?

  5. That brought me happiness too. :)(as I re-read my sentence to make sure it's error proof)

  6. Me too! Some typos end up really funny.

    Text message speak irks me too.



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