11 January 2008

Will Twitter for Beer

At the last blogger gathering I was strong-armed by Kurt Greenbaum into twittering-for-40.

As luck would have it, closing I-40 has proved to be uneventful.

While this was an awesome turn of events, I unfortunately have nothing worthwhile to write for the twitter-40 group.

Oh well, Kurt's going to buy me a beer anyway.

Listening to: Modest Mouse - Fly Trapped in a Jar


  1. The highway 44 striping is the real story in the highway 40 shutdown. and now the new lanes they've added, which include the former shoulder, are crumbling and need to be repaved. argggh.

  2. Dude -- e-mail or twitter me your e-mail address so I can send you the evite to the party in Maplewood we discussed last Friday.

  3. I live in SW City and work in Maryland Heights..I was SO freaking out about the closure..I now take 40 to 170 to Olive to Lindbergh to Midland/Dorsett..and you know what it's FASTER!!! I'm loving this shut down and the fly over ramps! I have not attempted a trip to Chesterfield yet..and I agree w/ Rebecca..those extra lanes on 44 are HORRIBLE!!
    Thanks for stopping by today!



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