02 January 2008

Wine me, Dine me, 69th Post Me

This is my 69th post! I wish I had some profound words to mark this momentous occasion; alas, I am fresh out of deep thoughts. My plan is to start discussing Star Wars and see where my mind takes me.

Over the last few days James and I have spent a lot of time getting me up-to-speed on Star Wars. We’re watching the movies in story order (as opposed to their order of release). Last night we finished Episode II, started and finished Clone Wars, and now we’re in the middle of Episode III.

The movies are fantastic, but it’s undeniable that my self-diagnosed ADD takes over every time I watch a movie.

During Clone Wars (the cartoon) I realized that I had absolutely no recollection of Chancellor Palpatine, who’s either one of the main characters or he might be considered more of a supporting character. Somehow I managed to block out his existence. Or maybe I blocked out his presence? Who knows?

What was I talking about?

Other than movie watching, we haven’t done too much since Christmas. It’s awesomely relaxing, yet a little boring. We’d love to get out of St. Louis and go on a new adventure, but it just doesn’t seem possible RIGHT NOW!

I guess I’ll have to settle for reliving my experiences while I upload photos from explorations past. Which reminds me – I found that other picture I took on our lunch break while kayaking Na Pali.

This is the tree our group napped below.

It was mostly bliss, lying under a shade tree in the soft and warm sand, precisely where ocean and mountains meet - hearing only the sounds of waves crashing against the beach. And with only a handful of people around, the location was serene and peaceful.

Everywhere, that is, except below the damn shade tree. It felt as if I were lying on a bed of sewing needles, each one poking through my towel into the side of my body.

I’ve been in many a wooded area, emerging with Science-only-knows-what attached to my clothes, but those things were like nothing I’ve seen before. I’m sure the beach towels we used still have a few needles clinging to them.

Listening to: Nirvana - Lounge Act


  1. What seriously rocks is Lego Star Wars. I bought it for my daughter for Christmas and my husband and I had to play all the way through it. The movies are much funnier in Legos.

  2. I'd love to watch the movie in Legos! That sounds bad ass! Your comment gave me a flashback to Thumb Wars: The Phantom Cuticle.

    I have a vague recollection of watching that movie and laughing, but I don't really remember the details.

  3. That is so coincidental. Jake watched the entire series as well, in chronological order, while he was on vacation. We also have Lego Star Wars for PS2 and for Gameboy DS. I've been playing it on the DS every chance I get. I love it because there's no real way to die. You lose coins but you ALWAYS come back. Work out next Thursday???

  4. What a beautiful photo! Would love to be there in the warmth (and on vacation) than here today. :)

  5. Fun little ramble. Welcome to 2008. And may you have many more Star Wars rambles and beach towel adventures.

  6. @Tojosan

    Dude, some people are born to rumble; I was born to ramble.

  7. I automatically love anyone who uses the word "alas" in their blog. It's my thang. That and being immature.

  8. Um, keep your eye on that Chancellor Palpatine. Seriously.



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