19 February 2008


These shoes are ugly.


I know, I know; they're comfortable.

(They're still ugly.)

Of course I have better things to blog about. It's just that my thoughts were interrupted when I spied this newly purchased pair of ugly-as-sin shoes lying around the house.

Watching a clip from Mr. Show: Cock Ring Warehouse


  1. I REFUSE to buy these damn shoes for anyone in my house. Yes, they are UGLY.
    Remember the 'jelly shoes' we wore in the 80's - there is a reason we don't have those anymore they too were UGLY. (aside from that, they hurt the piggies).

  2. I'm avoiding crocs like I tried to avoid Starbucks.

  3. After living in Paris and seeing American tourists wander the city in Crocs and jean shorts, I'll never be able to look at a pair.

  4. I heard they stink.

    I'm not a fan of stinky things, unless my dog kills something and gives it to me as a present.

    She's just trying to please me.

  5. I lourve Mr. Show! Also, those shoes are only cute on kids 10 and under (or are practical for chefs according to tasty goodness friends of ours). I have giant feet so I would look like I was in a Minnie Mouse costume at Disneyworld!!

  6. But if they quit making croc shoes: what would Steve and Terri Irwin's children have to live for? (TIC)

  7. Noooooooooooo....also you with this damned croc! I don't belive in this :'(



  8. Yeah, don't they stink? They look like lots of sweat!

    @me: Did you manage to avoid Starbucks?

  9. Woah woah... I must be alone in this: Those shows aren't ugly. In fact I'm bidding on some 49er themed ones on eBay! I love these shoes... they look great under a pair of jeans!

    I agree with Michelle however, jellies were awful... of course, I fell prey to peer pressure and rock those, too.



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