12 February 2008

Go ahead, make my day!

Lately I’ve been feeling jealous of Mental Poo because he has a long row of awards down the side of his blog. Every time I see them, I imagine his shelves at home lined with every award he’s won his entire life, including those Thanks-For-Trying-But-You-Can-Suck-a-Big-One-Because-You’re-Still-a-LOSER awards.

I think, “Gee, I’ve never even won one of those You’re-Still-a-Loser awards” and then I take a sip out of my World’s-Biggest-Asshole coffee mug as I ponder that thought.

Then it happened.

Raven’s Roads gave me the You-Make-My-Day award! She’s doing all kinds of cool stuff and somehow I managed to make her day and win an award for it!

Now THAT made my day! Thanks, Linda!

I’d like to pass the You-Make-My-Day award to:

- Hi I’m Kim for making me laugh (a lot) and sharing your story, as personal as it is.

- Jessica for that time you did this.

- Baol because you manage to keep me visiting your site again and again even though I don't speak, read or otherwise comprehend Italian.

- Mental Poo because you need more awards cluttering up your site deserve it.

Listening to: Man Man – Zebra


  1. Being in the RFT wasn't good enough??? Congrats on getting your first bloggy award!

  2. Congratulations on your award. You obviously rock and so does your blog.
    Take the day off sometime and relax.

  3. Thaaaaaanks!

    I know, i write a lot and only in italian, i've reply to your comment to my post...i'll try to translate for you (but i'm not sure that my english is so good).

    However in that post i say only "If i corn again, i suicide myself", i was very nervous in that day :/




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