23 February 2008

Going 78 in a 30

During a year of high-school typing, I never reached 30 words per minute. My teacher nicely explained that I -didn't have it. Somehow, I was born sans typing skills and was destined to a lifetime of slow typing.

Sure, go ahead lady, blame my DNA.

How time's have changed!

According to a recent typing test, the results explained:

78 words

The test results also said:

You type 435 characters per minute
You have 78 correct words and
You have 1 wrong word

78 words per minute with one mistake?

And I don't have what it takes! HA!

Eat that Mrs. Jackson! (I am for real.)


  1. you go woman! but i bet i could beat ya :-P heehee, just kidding! probably not.

  2. Okay, I can understand how you did so well on the test. For I also did almost as well by typing as and is 72 times in a minute; but I am still curious about which one you mispelled?

  3. Yes, My typing teacher said he would pass me, but I had to promise never to touch a typewriter again.
    A,S,D,F - J,K,L,semi-colon!

  4. The last typing test I took for a job said I only at 40wpm, and that was just barely!

    I actually like looking at the keyboard when I type thank you very much! :-D

  5. That was soooo fun! I am at 76.

  6. My typing teacher was something else. He's put tacks on the desk so you wouldn't rest your wrists on the bottom of the keyboard.

    I learned to type solely motivated by fear.

  7. Damn!! That is impressive.
    I did horible on a typewriter (which I was taught on)..that didn't have backspace.
    damn white out...
    I'm pretty fast now..but I'll have to practice..turn off the radio and close my door and concentrate to hit 72~!

  8. I got 76 WPM. Not too shabby!

  9. I actually took this test about five times. My highest was 81 (first time)-but it also had the most errors, five. My lowest score was 74. I was trying to get one with zero errors, but gave up after a few tries.

  10. Wow. You can type! Should we now call you "Fast fingers Jeannette"? It has a certain ring to it. Course if we start referring to you as "Fast Fingers" people might get the wrong impression. heehee.



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