10 February 2008

I Suck at Bingo

Who knew that sucking at Bingo was possible?

I make the unpossible, possible; turning wacked out fantasies into reality.

Sometimes I stamp numbers that have been called.

Free Space

Oh wait, that's a free space.

Other times I stamp numbers just for the hell of it.

Not Fifty

I thought somebody said "fifty"?

If you haven't played Bingo before, you should know that a free space isn't always free. Sometimes you're not supposed to stamp those, and this photo was taken during one of those times. I can't remember if the game was B&O, Baseball, or maybe Bingo the hard way. - I just know that the free space didn't even count.

Dude, I stamped the free space when I wasn't supposed to.

How lame is that?

The game moves so fast, I can barely keep up with twelve cards.

If you haven't played Bingo before, it might be a good time to inform you that when you play on paper, with an ink dobber, each game has a different color sheet.

I left for a break, came back to my seat just in time for the next game and what do I notice? Six of my cards are green and six are black.

When tearing off my pink sheets, I inadvertently tore off an extra layer of paper and lost six black cards. Dumbass!

Now that I think of it, that's just as bad as my brother realizing he should play both sheets of his color raffle - ten minutes into game play.

Copper and Blue

A Bingo chip during Color Raffle play.

Listening to: Man Man - White Rice, Brown Heart


  1. When we lived in Illinois, we played Bingo every Thursday night for a few months. Tom and I are extremely competitive- especially with each other, and we NEVER won.

    BUT, I loved stamping the cards. It was my favorite part! I still have my Frankenstein dauber (dobber??)!

  2. Somehow: I can't see you right there beside Rosanne when she got hooked on playing BINGO in some of her old TV episodes; but I've been accused of being wrong about things a couple of times before. By the way: did have a special cap or drawers on? Some say it helps.

  3. My dad made the best comment about those lucky nick-nacks that people like to use, "Hey Jeannette, want to get some lucky items after Bingo? We can swing by Goodwill on the way home."

  4. BUT, I loved stamping the cards. It was my favorite part! I still have my Frankenstein dauber (dobber??)!

    DABBER, but each to their own ;-)



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