20 February 2008

It was his idea, honest

I think it was sometime around 7 pm and none of us had eaten since lunch. Rick, especially, was starving, because to him, two 14-inch pizzas weren’t going to supply enough food for three people. I could see his mind flutter with mathematical calculations:

14 + 14 = 28

“You know what guys, if we’re ordering two 14-inch pizzas, we may as well order that 28-inch monster I saw on the menu.”

James started to protest and Rick cut him off, “Hey man, I really want to see the World’s Largest Delivered Pizza. Don’t you? We can get half of it Hawaiian and the other half Deluxe – everyone will get what they want. Plus, I’m buying.”

James shrugged because, sure that’s too much pizza, but if Rick’s buying, who am I to object?

I knew we were in trouble when the pizza box was too wide to fit through the front door. After some careful tilting James was able to get it inside, set it on the dining room table and exclaim, “Honey, get your camera!”

Below is an aerial shot of the pizza. Notice my dog lying on the floor next to the table. She weighs 45 pounds and the pizza is about as wide as she is long.

Though we ordered way too much, the pizza was fantastic. Pointer’s has great food and they always deliver within a decent amount of time. Typically their price is reasonable but the Pointersaurus was a tad expensive. I can’t help but feel slighted and a little disappointed that they didn’t offer us some sort of discount on the cost of toppings since it was a half-and-half.

Let’s do the math for this pizza:

35.11 base price
4.73 Ham
4.73 Pineapple
4.73 Pepperoni
4.73 Onion
4.73 Green Pepper
4.73 Sausage
4.73 Mushrooms

That adds up to $68.22 before tax, the delivery charge and tip. And just in case your math is as bad as mine – the toppings cost $33.11.

I mean, I get it that Pointer’s wants to charge $4.73 for each topping, but they still managed to be especially skimpy with the mushrooms, onions and pepperoni. Those three toppings alone were $14.19 - I shouldn't have to scrounge around for (and never find) a piece of pizza with mushrooms AND onions AND pepperoni on it.

Seriously, if we’re paying almost five bucks for a topping and it’s only going on half the pizza, you should at least be generous with your portions.

Listening to: Primus - Southbound Pachyderm


  1. There used to be a place where I used to live that had this pizza called the pizzasaurus rex. I suspect it was larger then that pizza, but I have no way of confirming this as the place went out business a couple of years ago.

    Good song you're listening to. I've had this weird hankering to hear that song recently, but never seemed to remember when listening to my mp3s, so thanks for the reminder:)

  2. The biggest pizza I've helped devour was 32".

    This place is special because they deliver a 28" pizza. Seeing that puppy come through the door (tilted) was a sight to behold!

  3. We had that pizza once, for a new year's eve party at our friend Dave's house. Since it was the only food, it did little to balance out the amount of alcohol Dave provided.

  4. Did they cut you some kind of deal, like: buy this huge pizza and get a free 2 litre? Why don't more places do that?

  5. Where is this place? Will they deliver to Illinois?

  6. yes...ok...yes, but you MUST try a real italian pizza ;)

  7. Hmm, circular food in a square. That sounds vaguely familiar for some reason; or is it square food in a circle that I'm thinking of? Anyway: math IS hard; but I suppose that it could be good for digestion. By the way: does that pizza place offer payment plans?

  8. OMG, I will have to show this to my husband. He will die. I did like that you had ham and pineapple on there, my fav!

  9. Youchers, even our very own pizza expert McAndy is impressed - that's a lot of pizza!
    Where do they cook them?? That must be a BIG oven!



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