12 February 2008

One Great Interview Experiment after another

Like many before me, I signed up for the Great Interview Experiment. It’s a simple concept; the person who signed up before me is interviewing me and I am interviewing the person who signed up after me. In other words: A interviews B; B interviews C; C interviews D; and so on.

The part that’s been confusing me is which one do I post? The one where I ask the questions? Or answer them? So I’m just going to post both because it’s my blog and I can do what I want.

You can read the other interviews here but for now, check out my interview with Becca who blogs at Gray and Becca: the (Future) Sanborns.


Jeannette: How did you and your fiancée meet?
Becca: We originally met at a bible study on campus, but he doesn't remember that meeting. My friend Samantha had been hanging out with a bunch of his friends and invited me over one night so she could hang out with another guy she really liked. She abandoned me in his room and sparks flew. We talked for like 3 hours and then a friendship started and led to dating. :)

Jeannette: How did you get engaged?
Becca: He proposed to me at a dear friend's house on our one year anniversary. I knew an engagement was coming so he had to tell me a few lies so I wouldn't suspect that day. We had a meeting to go to and he proposed outside under the stars before the meeting started. It was amazing; I definitely did not expect it.

Jeannette: Why did you pick the specific date you've set for your wedding?
Becca: Well, we wanted the 14th (the day we started dating in January), but knew that it would be hard to get that day in a summer month. We decided on May because he'd be out of school and picked the weekend after graduation. It was just that simple. It actually happens to be the date his grandparents got married over 50 years ago!

Jeannette: Where are you going for your honeymoon and why?
Becca: Cruise to the Bahamas. I wanted to go several I had never been and a cruise was something we both wanted to do. It's like a sightseeing vacation, but with more relaxation.

Jeannette: You recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Communication. What made you choose that degree?
Becca: I have always loved to write and decided that Journalism was what I want to pursue once I got to college. I job shadowed an editor in high school and loved it.

Jeannette: When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Becca: haha a rockstar! I used to "practice" on my front porch with a radio singing to my neighbors

Jeannette: Pick a scar on your body. How did you get it?
Becca: I had a big scar on my left leg that I got about 9 months ago. I was exploring a building that was not quite finished and rammed my leg into a metal bar sticking up out of the ground. It definitely hurt and bled a lot!

Jeannette: What would you like to teach others about?
Becca: Hmm I'm not sure, I guess I'd like to teach others that we shouldn't focus so much on materialistic things and enjoy each other more, and nature.


Looking back at my questions, I first thought:

Dear Jnet,
Your interview questions are lame.
Love, Jnet

My second thought:

Pick a scar on your body. How did you get it? Dude, you sound like a freak! What kind of question is that!? What the hell were you thinking!? Oh wait, just slip that in just after, “What did you want to be when you grew up?” and then redeem yourself with, “What would you like to teach others about?”

Smooth move, Ex-lax!

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  1. At least you didn't ask a sex question. :)

    Seriously, those aren't bad questions. But more drill down questions would be good. Getting them to tell something unique about themselves is really interesting too.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Pick a scar on your body. How did you get it?

    I think thats a great question!

    I would have to say my belly-button. Some mad doctor hacked off my food tube many years ago. I am reminded of that ugly incident every time I look at my gut. . . I'm sorry, I'm feeling a bit farklemt. Don't look.

  3. GOOD interview questions! I did it too..it was fun. Where is the interview of you?



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