09 February 2008

Origami Schmorigami

Remember when I mentioned folding origami? And that I made a couple things for Susan's birthday? No?

No problem!

I took pictures while folding the Japanese Brocade to show that it's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5.

Step 1: Choose six pieces of paper.

Japanese Brocade - At Conception

Step 2: Start folding.

Japanese Brocade - In Progress

Step 3: You're not done yet! Keep folding!

Japanese Brocade - All Six Pieces

Step 4: Join the pieces together.

Japanese Brocade - Under Construction

Step 5: Admire your work.
Awwwww, pretty! Susan's going to love it!

Japanese Brocade - Complete

If you're interested in exactly how this was made, I recommend picking up a copy of the origami handbook by Rick Beech.

Listening to: Man Man - Feathers


  1. Dude -- Origami party! Let's hit up a coffee shop one of these days and fold some paper.

    P.S. I'm going to be living SO close to James and you soon. We much hang.

  2. Oh I remember Origami! We did this in art class. LOL... another thing I can't do. :-(

    I'm willing to try again, though.

  3. I like origami, one day i'll put a pic of my origami un my blog

    have a great sunday my friend
    kisses from Italy :*



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