25 March 2008

Broken Sunglasses, Origami, Yoga, Chili and Polka Dot Shoes

Since last Thursday, I’ve been slacking on everything, including my blog posts. What has been going on with me?

For starters, I broke my sunglasses Thursday night. Apparently, they weren’t meant to fall and land on Best Buy’s concrete floor.

My Poor Sunglasses

I grocery shopped and went to yoga on Friday. I spent the majority of yoga in a cold sweat and afterward, well, I was done for the night.

I had the perfect chance to post a blog on Saturday, but instead I spent the day folding origami. I made two tiny Japanese Brocades, a strawberry, and several moo card wallets.

So happy together
Origami Strawberry
Origami Moo Card Wallet

On Sunday we visited with my parents and brother.

My mom likes sun catchers

Then I came home and uploaded photos from the St. Patrick’s Day parade.

Looking toward Forest Park

Yesterday I got new tires, had a great yoga session, and then got caught up on laundry.

Taking my new tires for a test drive

I spent this morning cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning while breaking in these polka dot shoes. Around lunch time I made chili and then cleaned up the mess.

These veggies sure look tasty

And now, while I write this blog, I’m drinking lots of water for yoga at 5pm.

Listening to: NIL8 - Parody of a Parody


  1. Those shoes are CUTE! I wish I could rock something like that, but I have flat feet :-(

  2. @Jillian

    They'd be perfect because there's no arch support what.so.ever.

  3. OMG, I had the same frog sun catcher in my bedroom window when growing up for like forever.

    I cannot keep a pair of sunglasses to save my life, an I really need them cause the sun melts my eye balls (not pretty.) Honestly, very sensitive to the sun. I need to break down now and get a pair that is a script so I am not blinded by the light or blurred out.

    I love shoes like that, I have no been able to wear heals since like 1994. So I love to have an arsenal of cute flats. My my mentality my arches left me years ago.

  4. I screwed up and made origasmi.

    It's really, really messy.

    By the way...I'm SO SORRY about the award thing. I have no idea how that slipped my mind...or went by the wayside.

    This is what happens when your brain resides south of your belt.

    I feel awful.

    Wednesdays suck now.

  5. There...there..I've rectified the post.

    Better late than never? I hope?

    Thanks Jeannette!!

  6. Sounds like a pretty productive weekend. Sometimes, you just need weekends like that.

  7. Cute shoes!

    I've thought about doing Yoga or Pilates, but all that bending over is probably not good for my acid reflux. ;-)

  8. Aw, those are adorable shoes. Kelli had some like that. Very spring-y!!

  9. nice one... i like origami as well, we did some dragons with the girls not to long ago and made some snails too. anyways, thanks for the vote over at randoms...

  10. Ok, I love that frog. I dunno why, but I do!

  11. Helloooooooo!!! Finally i've written my first post in english! Come to see on my blog :)

  12. I am horrid at loosing and breaking sunglasses... I thought it has passed so I sprang for a more than $5 pair and lo-and-behold they were gone within the year... so I went back and bought the exact same pair hoping to break a year this time ;)

  13. I'm not courageous enough to wear shoes with color...Unless you count the blue or brown and black Chucks.

    Anyway, ballet flats are the best shoes. They make an outfit seem dressier and your feet can still be comfortable. I hear you on the arch support.

    I wore heels all morning yesterday while making tuna noodle casserole for a disco dance party. It was a pair of Chinese Laundry black MaryJanes. They're so cute but I'm not used to wearing heels so I haven't worn them much.



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