30 March 2008

Carry on, my wayward son

…To-Be-Continuing the much anticipated Post-It saga

Group Two: Things People Say

There it is, written loud and clear: Mexican Penis.

And that’s exactly how the words came out – loud and clear.

During and after high school I worked in a pet store called, The Pet Store (true story). Either Jeff or Nate was making a lunch run to Taco Hell and when it came time for me to speak my order, I said “Mexican Penis” instead of “Mexican Pizza.” …In front of the only three dudes I worked with, including the owner.

I have no idea why I wrote that down because it happened so long ago, but I regularly write down things people say.

Things People Say

Group Three: Random Reminders

This very random group includes phone numbers and names (people to call or visit), upcoming concerts (things to do), book titles (stuff to read, duh), random questions (it’s a twitter thing), origami ideas (paper folding), blog ideas (self-explanatory), grocery needs (food stuffs to buy) and so on.

Boring, I know.

Random Reminders

Group Four: Blog Searches

I can’t explain why, but I am totally fascinated with the things people search for when they land on my blog.

Searches for Na Pali and Machine Gun Leg Chic have remained popular and I regularly have Fart on Command searches, too, but by far, the most popular search term is something along the lines of Totally Naked Middle-Aged Neighbor Ladies.

Still, there are a few curious one-of-a-kind searches:

- ben wa ball walmart
- mushrooms urine odor
- pomegranate juice make me fart
- spaghetti on breast picture
- pictures of gross naked ladies
- I’m not a lesbian, but I porn
- a gnat flew past

People are so weird.

Things people search for

Group Five: Huh?

Typically, when I come across a note-to-self, I immediately remember why the note was written. That’s not always the case. Written on the same piece of paper are the words:

Clean Desk
Get Organized
Make Plans
Set Goals
You Bich

Um, You Bich? Where’d that come from? AND it’s misspelled!?

It took from Thursday to Sunday, but I suddenly remembered it technically belongs to the “things people say” group. My friend made a funny joke about the prospect of me receiving an angry drunken comment, whereby my hater would call out, slurring in their writing, “You bich!


Moral of the story: Post-Its have allowed me to remember a lot of things I would normally forget.

Self, take a note (on a Post-It of course):
Shred Post-Its and use a notebook instead.

Moral of the Story

Listening to: Judas Priest - British Steel


  1. I'm glad someone else shares the post-it sickness with me.

  2. It's when you start using large quantities of notebooks in the same way that you would a pad of post it notes that you know you are in trouble....sigh.



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