04 March 2008

Indecisive Interview

For my other part in The Great Interview Experiment, I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Indecisive Peach, who came up with some great questions – as opposed to my interview tactic which is to write questions that suck.

I actually completed this interview a couple of weeks ago, so upon re-reading my answers after a little time passed it struck me like a ton of bricks: I also write answers that suck.

For instance, “I farted today and it smelled like cat food” (good one, Jnet) and “if someone says ‘happiness’ I hear ‘penis’” (getting a little too weird; take it down a notch). I managed to write inappropriate comments, answer a question with a question, give too-short answers and pepper my responses with links back to my blog.

Somehow in the midst of my ramblings I scored a “Good answer!” reaction; however, I butchered the interview so badly that I suspect it was more of a pity pat-on-the-back.

To read my thoughts on blogging, fart jokes, the outdoors, home remodeling and more, check out the full interview.

Listening to: Nil8 - Zombie Slut


  1. Are you kidding? Your answers make me adore you all the more! :-)

    Now whenever I hear the word "happiness" I'll hear "Ha- penis." heehee. And I'll think of you!

  2. Heh. I like the interview. And nothing wrong with the gratuitous blog links!

  3. Lol. *shakes head* It wasn't a pity pat! A classmate told me the other day that the crazy weirdness, i.e. penis = happiness, totally made his day.



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