10 March 2008

More NIL8

Somebody filmed the NIL8 concert on Saturday night!
Check it out!

After watching the video, you may understand why my ears were ringing for two days after the show.

Now Playing: Nothing to Laugh About

So at about 50 seconds into the song you will see me take a picture, put my camera down then start dancing, though it looks more like I'm just bobbing my head around. About thirty seconds later you see me, taking more photos. I took a ridiculous amount of pictures, though I only posted about half of them.


  1. Hello Jeannette, sorry if i haven't write here more in the last day but i was busy with my photo-contest on my blog...probably in the next day i'll write my first post in english! :)
    Have a wonderful day

  2. Yeah, yeah... That's why we had invested in a hearing-aid company... We made 50% in one year!



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