05 March 2008

NIL8 gave me cooties

Actually, I think this chic gave me cooties at the NIL8 show Saturday night. She asked for a drink of my beer and even though I was thinking, “Weird” I said, “Okay.”

“Sure, go ahead and take a swig of my Taddy Porter,” because you’re nice. And “thanks for offering to share with me your ice water and subsequent ice. I accept your offer,” because you’re nice.

She had a blue sun painted on her forehead.

That should have tipped me off, but alas, I was too busy paying attention to NIL8 to notice she bore the Mark of the Cootie. In the heat of the moment, while everyone was rocking out, I decided to share drinks with a total stranger and now I’m sick. What was I thinking?

I know what I was thinking, “you’re nice. Let’s share.” I spent a bit of time talking to that girl before the show and really, she was incredibly nice. If I saw her again, I’d probably end up doing the same thing.

As usual, I’m rambling.

I digress.

NIL8 Concert Poster

Though I haven’t mentioned it much on my blog, James and I were quite excited about Saturday night’s NIL8 show at Cicero’s. We’re huge fans, but this was my first time seeing them live.

From the first song to the last, their show was full of energy and their performance was quite entertaining.

I was blown away.

Getting the crowd riled up

Specifically, my ear drums were blown away. Two days later my ears were still ringing but I still didn’t get enough (Dudes, where’s the encore!?).

James and I came home and immediately played NIL8, staying up listening to them until 3 am.

Hey, there's the drummer

I agree with Jeff, This guy said it best...

Powerful foursome from Springfield, IL, N.I.L.8 debuted in 1989 with their first vinyl record featuring "Last Flash of Paisley Pastel" and "Too Loud," followed by the self-produced Six Inch Extension in 1991. Led by brothers Jeff Williams and Bruce Williams, the band signed up to Fundamental Records before issuing Hallelujah I'm Gonna Kill Myself in 1993. N.I.L.8 started getting involved in the U.S. hardcore punk field, performing intense live shows with songs mainly based on social issues. 1995's Eunuch became their first Fuse Records release, followed by the reissue of Hallelujah I'm Gonna Kiss Myself in 1996 and Doug a year later.

~ Drago Bonacich, All Music Guide

Though they played a few of my favorites like Zombie Slut, Heatmiser and Sheep Dreams of a Land…Far Away From His Current Situation, in particular I would have felt complete had I heard Sorrow and The Insanity of Drayton Sawyer and his Hallucination of Love Brought on by the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part II.

Tsk, tsk, tsk

For now you’ll have to listen to music posted on their MySpace page, as their website is under construction for an indefinite period of time. Because of this, some nights I cry myself to sleep.


Like every other NIL8 fan in existence, I’m sad as hell to see their site stuck in internet purgatory. All of their music was available to download for free but it suddenly disappeared.

I’m a dumb ass. I assumed it would always be available, therefore, failed to download all of their music. Hopefully it’ll be up and running sooner than later.

Avoiding eye contact

Seriously, drop by their page, listen to some music and show some love.

More pictures are posted here.

Jeff paints, too.

Listening to: NIL8 – Gumby joins the ranks of cock-fighting hooligans


  1. Once at an outdoor concert here in Texas my wife made five gallons of margarita's. Though they only had two cups they ended up her and friend shared with at least twenty other people. Even a woman from South Africa.

    Nobody got sick, but then again Tequila kills 99.9%of all germs.

  2. Dude, you shared drinks with a stranger? I won't even share drinks with my mom. And once upon a time, we inhabited the same body!

  3. @Marriage-101
    Dude, she was NICE! Like, Pre-school-teacher nice.

    @travis erwin
    I should've only shared the beer. I shared water and ice, too; That's where I messed up.

  4. Wonder if it was the same chick who tried to have a foursome with me and my friend Patrick and her husband at the Modest Mouse concert (it didn't happen, if there was any question in your mind). In other news, we must go to a concert together soon (Modest Mouse doesn't count).

  5. I can remember way back when... your boyfriend at the time drank from someone else's soda and you wouldn't let him kiss you for a month. My how times have changed!

  6. I am always on the look out for new music so I am going to have to check out these guys. Plus they live just about an hour from my parents so that makes it cool that I have been where they started. Well maybe that is not as cool as I think.
    I will also be on the look out for the mark of the cootie. Very disturbing that it is running rampant. Hope you feel better.

  7. Let me get this straight, some lady - who was pre-school-teacher nice - asked if she could have some of your drink and you shared? You were just cool with that?

    I hate touching the handle of a public washroom let alone share my drinks with strangers. LOL

  8. I'm nice; care to share? :)
    Sadly, I'd probably share with someone I met, and more likely with a woman than a guy, except for a beer taste share.

  9. @Mom
    I don't think it was a full week, but in defense of myself, that was right after I had my splenectomy and the doctor's scared the crap out of me by saying I could easily get sick and die.

  10. funny thing ....I know that girl and I just happened upon this blog when I googled NIL8 her name is rita



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