27 March 2008

Obsessive Compulsive Post-It Disorder

I use Post-Its to gather random thoughts, ideas and conversations that pass my way – useful and useless alike.

Some of the Post-Its serve their purpose and then I send them to the shredder. Many of them I simply hang on to until I decide the information is outdated, unimportant, or otherwise useless.

So, what kind of crap am I hanging on to?

A few of my Post Its

Group One: Recipes

When trying a new recipe, my strategy is to search online and pick about eight recipes to use as models so I can create my own. I jot my recipe on a few Post-Its and hang the notes together on a kitchen cabinet for easy viewing. Once I make the recipe a few times and have it somewhat perfected, I transfer it to Word. (Then I can print it out and tape it to the cabinet while cooking.)

When I wrote the post about chili, I think I proofread it seven times before I realized something was wrong... it seemed like a lot of food. By the time I added in two pounds of meat, four cans of beans and four cans of tomatoes, it appeared there wouldn’t be enough room in the crock pot to fit six large potatoes, six carrots, four celery stalks, two large onions, a bunch of mushrooms and two cups of peas.

After some online research, I realized that I had part of a stew recipe mixed in with the chili.

Yes, I actually transferred the recipe to Word, incorporated it into a blog, proofread it seven times, had a feeling something was wrong, then Googled “chili recipe” and looked at two or three recipes before realizing my mistake. Eeediot.

A recipe for disaster
Luckily I did not cook this recipe for a disasterous meal.

...To be continued...

I know you're thinking, “Is she seriously To-Be-Continuing a freaking story about Post-It notes!?”

I am totally for serious.

This blog started to feel a bit ramble-y, even for my standards.

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  1. If it weren't for Post-Its, I couldn't remember anything. I have about 10 on my desk right now in front of my keyboard with random numbers and words on them. Sometimes I look at them and think "WTF is this?"

    When I cleaned my junk drawer I found a bazillion pads. I lurve them. I have a pad in my purse, in my car, on my desk, my junk drawer, and scattered throughout my house. I will kiss Mr. 3M someday for inventing them. If I were to have another child I might name it after him.

  2. Have you seen the people who use Post-It notes as their artistic medium? I saw someone on Letterman once, so when I saw your post today, I Googled Post-It art. Found a bunch of sites. Here's an example.

  3. I am a post-it addict. We have windows on the walls of each of our offices at work, and by the end of the day, mine is covered in post-its. Mine are all to-do's. It's fun to yank them off the window and throw -em in the recycle bin when they're taken care of. Feels like a bigger accomplishment (:

  4. Hi, I am a post-addict too! I have post its on video screen, on the bathroom mirror, on the window panes, on the fridge, everywhere!
    I wish I had invented them! I would have been a millionaire now!

  5. Hah! I have like 20 Post-it notes on my desk right now. Some are names and phone numbers/addresses; some are notes on research for this or that project; some are ideas for short stories or poems I haven't actually written but still keep thinking I will sometime, and some are notes on the novel I am ACTUALLY working on (though I haven't touched it in two weeks, which is bad.)

  6. Post-its are a must! A friend gave me a pad of Fosamax post-its right after you suggested Fosamax on my blog - funny. They are in the bill area posting things we need to attend to - in my stamping area with designs for cards I am yet to create - we used the heavens out of them when we were keeping up with collecting GS cookie payments - the stick to the dash board with directions to where we are driving - they keep my place in spiral notebooks I am using for presentations I am giving - they an anal organizers dream item....

  7. Dude, I'd read a six part series on Post It addictions, fo' real.



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